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President Donald Trump is back in court today, Wednesday, in New York City at the show trial of Juan Marchan.

The prosecution has not yet defined the alleged criminal act committed by President Trump. But it does not matter. The court is ready to convict Trump and send him to jail.

This is Joe Biden’s America.

Gateway Pundit contributor Paul Ingrassia is attending the show trial taking place in New York City today. Paul has been reporting live from inside the Marchen Kangaroo Court for the past several days.

Paul concluded his reporting yesterday with this analysis:

Merchan wants to wrap up the case by 8pm tonight, but the prosecution shows no sign of letting up.

This really shows Merchant’s incompetence as a judge. He’s allowing the prosecution to work until midnight, which is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. Of course, this is intentional: he and the prosecution are one and the same. He has a financial, political and ideological interest tied up in a guilty verdict. He hates Donald Trump so much, and will destroy whatever shreds of integrity are left in the justice system to force a guilty verdict – this is political persecution of the highest order.

This entire proceeding is full of prejudice. This entire case should be dismissed.

The jury will deliberate today from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We’ll post live updates from Paul Ingrassia below.

Paul Ingrassia 9:05 AM: Spotted outside the courthouse: A pro-Trump protest banner that reads: Stop the Partisan Conspiracy, Stop the Political Witch Hunt, Stop the Dem Kangaroo Court, Vote Out Trump to Save America, More Americans are waking up and calling this Biden show trial for what it is: Political Persecution against a Leading Presidential Candidate! MAGA!

Paul Ingrassia 9:20 AM: BREAKING: Many of us who have been reporting fair and accurate coverage from inside the Trump criminal trial have noticed our X accounts being shut down in recent days, in response to the overwhelming national interest in this show trial.

@Elon Musk it is absolutely necessary So that the truth comes out, especially considering that there are so many honest journalists like me. @AndrewHGiuliani Get access to the court. Most of the press here comes from legacy organisations such as @anytime, @politico, @hill, @CNNAnd @msnbc, You can count the number of independent journalists and media in the press overhead pool on the fingers of one hand – and of these, only two or three, perhaps, are providing live, informed, moment-by-moment news throughout the day.

Since New York State courts do not allow any criminal trials to be televised (and this is possibly the most high-profile case in US history, involving a leading candidate to become the 47th President of the United States) reliance on social media platforms such as @x Reaching the widest possible audience, without any censorship of any kind, This is a matter of utmost importanceWe are witnessing the death of due process in real time; let us hope and pray that another fundamental constitutional right – freedom of speech and the press – does not die with it!

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