Last week, Texas Democrat Representative Jasmine Crockett had little conversation with Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene after the two exchanged words during a House committee hearing. Now, Crockett is raising campaign funds by feuding with T-shirt sales, only she missed a (major) problem with her shirt design.

Crockett claims Greene is a “racist” snide remarks A contempt of Congress resolution against Attorney General Merrick Garland referring to the Texan’s false eyelashes was dismissed during Thursday’s House Oversight Committee hearing.

It all started when Representative Crockett interrupted Greene on the mic when she asked Greene why she brought up the liberal New York judge and democrat donor Juan Merchan and his daughter during his comments about Garland. Merchan is currently the judge overseeing the Donald Trump business records trial in New York City.

Green fired back at Crockett, saying, “I think your fake eyelashes are ruining what you’re reading.”

That retort sparked a several-minute debate between Georgia Republican and Democrat Reps. Crockett and a New York “squad” member. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez During this, all three fought fiercely.

Greene eventually agreed to have her comments removed from the record, but along the way, Crockett launched a personal attack, saying, “I’m just curious. To better understand your decision, if someone on this committee starts talking about someone’s white, poorly built, butch body, that wouldn’t be personality conflict, right?”

Now, Crockett is trying to raise campaign funds from that last personal attack green,

Crockett is promoting a new T-shirt design that reads “bleached blonde, poorly built, butch body” and ends with the representative’s pseudonymous signature.

There’s just one small problem with the t-shirt design it’s advertising. hot currency Over the mountain.

His own name is misspelled. Somehow an extra “r” was inserted in place of the “e” in his last name.

Many other people also noticed the same small problem.


Finally, many representative green Discrimination based on identity politics.

Ultimately, even if you think Green or Crockett were “more” wrong for the exchange, you can’t argue that misspelling your name is a serious error for a Texas representative.

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