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PM Modi speaking at a public rally in Banswara, Rajasthan. (Credit: X)

In a veiled attack on Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said those who cannot win elections have “ran away from the field” and have come to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan.

Addressing an election rally in Rajasthan’s Jalore, Modi said the country is punishing the Congress for its “sins” and the party which once won 400 seats will field candidates to contest 300 seats in this Lok Sabha election. Can’t find it.

Modi said, “Those who cannot contest elections, cannot win elections, have fled the field. This time they have come to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan. The condition of Congress is very bad.”

Former Congress president Sonia Gandhi is also among the MPs elected to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan in February. Many Congress stalwarts have not been fielded in this Lok Sabha election, but the party has rejected suggestions that they are shying away from contesting the elections.

PM Modi said, “Half of Rajasthan has punished Congress in the first phase of voting. Rajasthan, full of patriotism, knows that Congress can never make India strong.

He said that the country does not want the situation before 2014 to return.

“Congress has hollowed out the country by spreading the termite of nepotism and corruption. And today the country is angry with Congress and is punishing it for these sins. The youth are so angry that they do not want to see the face of Congress. ” again.”

Modi was addressing a public meeting in Bhinmal in support of BJP candidate Lumbaram Chaudhary.

He said, “Congress itself is responsible for its current condition… The party which once used to win 400 seats, is not able to contest elections on 300 seats on its own. Today the condition of Congress is such that it cannot get candidates at all.” Are getting.”

He said, “They have created an opportunistic INDI alliance, (it is) like a kite whose string has been cut before it can fly.”

Modi said it is an alliance in name only as its constituent parties are fighting against each other in many states.

He said, “In this Lok Sabha election, there are twenty-five percent seats in the country where the people of this alliance are trying to destroy each other and are contesting against each other.”

“If there is so much fighting before the elections, then you can imagine how much fighting they will do after the elections for loot. Can we hand over such a big country to these people?”

Modi alleged that the Congress, which ruled for 60 years, deprived “our mothers and sisters” of even “small things like toilets, gas, electricity, water, bank accounts”.

Referring to the Congress-led UPA rule, PM Modi alleged that people used to threaten the weak Congress-led government and everyone was busy looting the country.

“Nobody cared about the Prime Minister. The government was run by remote control. A leader from his own party calls a media meeting, tears up the ordinance passed by the cabinet and throws away. Can the Congress party and its family, the symbol of instability, run the country? ?” Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi said that the country does not want the situation before 2014 to return.

He alleged that the previous Congress government in the state committed a scam in the Jal Jeevan Mission scheme and did not allow its work to be completed.

“Now our Bhajanlal government has come. It is also investigating the scam. If there was no Congress government here, by now we would have come very close to the target of providing water to every household.”

He said, “We have to take the development of Rajasthan and the country to new heights. I have come out with this resolution. We have to make India the third largest economic power in the world. We have to make ‘Developed India’.” “Developed Rajasthan”

Modi has guaranteed that this son sitting in Delhi will bear the expenses of up to Rs 5 lakh for the treatment of elders above 70 years of age in every family.

“As a son, it is my responsibility to take care of the health of my parents,” he said.

There are 25 Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan. The first phase of voting for 12 seats was held on April 19, while the remaining 13 seats will be voted in the second phase on April 26.

BJP had won the state in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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