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‘The Great Khali’ has also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his good work. (Photo: PTI)

Former WWE champion Dalip Singh Rana, popularly known by his ring name ‘The Great Khali’, on Sunday termed Rahul Gandhi as a ‘jumla’ and said the Congress leader has proved to be a “complete failure”.

“Rahul Gandhi himself has become a ‘jumla’. He doesn’t know what to do as he has failed so many times…” the retired professional wrestler, who joined the BJP ahead of the last assembly elections in Punjab, told ANI.

“When he completely failed, the Congress appointed (Mallikarjun) Kharge as the party president,” the former wrestler said.

“He further said that since Rahul has accepted defeat, Kharge has been brought forward because Rahul Gandhi has failed and is out of the race,” Rana said.

Rana is supporting Kailash Choudhary, the sitting MP from Barmer, Jaisalmer, in this Lok Sabha election, who is contesting against Congress candidate Umeda Ram Beniwal and independent Ravindra Singh Bhati, the results of which will be declared on June 4.

He said, “He (Chowdhary) has won before and will win again…When BJP forms government at the Center and state level, there will be development and I believe BJP will form government at both the levels…Kailash “Vote for Choudhary so that whatever work is left for Barmer can be completed,” the WWE wrestler said.

‘The Great Khali’ has also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his good work.

“What PM Modi has done will not be achieved by the rich. What the rich and Congress leaders understand is that if the money is transferred to their account, only then they accept the fact that the work has been done.. PM Modi has done things that people would not have thought of, what he has done can only be done by someone who has seen poverty…’

He said, “He worked beyond our imagination… Earlier women used to wait for the evening and go to the fields, but he (PM Narendra Modi) built toilets in every house. Earlier the poor did not even think about it. ” A cylinder, but he made sure to provide cylinder to every house, he made bank account possible for the poor, no one could think of this earlier, money used to reach the village head’s bank account but now money under Jan Dhan Yojana. Directly reaches the bank accounts of poor people.”

Earlier, Rajasthan BJP President CP Joshi took a dig at Congress and said that in the last 10 years, BJP has done more work than Congress in 50 years and this will be the basis of BJP’s victory.

Joshi confirmed that the people of Rajasthan are with PM Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections because of the work done by BJP for farmers, poor, women and youth in the last 10 years. He said, “I ask the Congress to bring its record of 50 years… We have done more work in the last 10 years than the Congress did in 50 years and this will be the basis of our victory.”

Voting for 12 Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan concluded on April 19, while the remaining 13 seats will go to polls in the second phase on April 26.

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