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PM Modi speaking at a public rally in Banswara, Rajasthan. (Credit: X)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Banswara, Rajasthan on Sunday accused the Congress of ignoring the welfare of tribals and said that during its 60 years of rule, the party could not find even a single person from the tribal community who could become the President of the country.

“Were the tribals not capable? Just look at the mentality of the Congress. But in 2014 you blessed us… and now a tribal daughter is the President of the country. This is real participation. This is the spirit of the Constitution given by Baba Saheb.” Modi said this while addressing a public meeting in Banswara in support of BJP’s Mahendrajit Singh Malviya.

He said the BJP is committed to the welfare of the poor and works honestly, but the Congress sells ‘fear, hunger and corruption’ in its shop.

He said that Congress has always created fear among Dalits, tribals and minorities and is now spreading lies about democracy, Constitution and reservation to scare them.

“But the country is out of the grip of fear, so their lies are no longer working. In states where there is a sizeable tribal population, the Congress is either not in power or is in third or fourth place…This is hurting people. I am angry.” Tribal population and there are solid reasons for this,” Modi said.

He said that the Ministry of Tribal Welfare was formed in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government itself.

Modi said, “In 60 years, Congress has not produced even a single person from crores of tribal sons and daughters who can become the President of the country.” He said that Congress and the Indian faction have also opposed the candidature of the current President. . Belongs to tribal community.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that if Congress comes to power, it would redistribute people’s wealth among Muslims and cited former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s remarks that the minority community has the first claim on the country’s resources.

Addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Banswara, Modi said, “This urban-Naxalite mentality, my mothers and sisters, they will not even leave your ‘Mangalsutra’. They can go to that level.”

He said, “The Congress manifesto says that they will settle the accounts of gold with mothers and sisters, take information about it and then distribute that property. To whom will they distribute it – Manmohan Singh’s government had said that Muslims have the first right on the country’s property.” Claimed.

“Earlier, when their (Congress) government was in power, they had said that Muslims have the first right on the country’s property. This means who will this property be distributed? It will be distributed among those who have more children. Are.

“It will be distributed to the infiltrators. Should your hard-earned money go to the infiltrators? Do you approve of this?” He said.

Modi was referring to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s controversial “first claim” remark in 2006.

While the Congress manifesto highlights the issue of economic inequalities, the party has stressed that it does not talk about “redistribution” and that it supports a “comprehensive socio-economic caste census”.

The opposition party had also claimed that Rahul Gandhi had not promised redistribution of the country’s wealth in Hyderabad on April 7, 2024 and his words were “misrepresented”. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh’s clarification came after Rahul Gandhi reportedly talked about the need to conduct a survey for a more equitable distribution of the country’s wealth.

On Sunday, Modi alleged that the Congress is now “caught in the clutches of the Left” and its manifesto is “worrying and serious” as it is an attempt to “implement the ideology of Maoism on the ground”.

“It says that if the Congress government is formed then everyone’s property will be surveyed, how much gold our sisters have will be examined and calculated. Our tribal families have silver, which will be counted… This There will be gold and other wealth.” Distributed equally to all.

“Is this acceptable to you? Do governments have the right to confiscate your hard-earned property? The gold that our mothers and sisters have is not for show, it is related to their self-respect.”

Modi said, “The value of their ‘Mangalsutra’ is not in the gold or its price, but it is linked to their dreams of life and you are talking about snatching it away.”

The Prime Minister alleged that the Congress has come under the control of “urban Naxalites”.

Making an indirect attack on Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, Modi said that those who cannot win the elections have fled the field and have come to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan.

Addressing another election rally in Rajasthan’s Jalore, Modi said the country was punishing the Congress for its ‘sins’ and the party which had once won 400 seats, had to field candidates from 300 seats in this Lok Sabha election. Can’t find it.

Modi said, “Those who cannot contest elections, cannot win elections, have fled the field. This time they have come to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan. The condition of Congress is very bad.”

Former Congress president Sonia Gandhi is also among the MPs elected to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan in February. Many Congress stalwarts have not been fielded in this Lok Sabha election, but the party has rejected suggestions that they are shying away from contesting the elections.

PM Modi said, “Half of Rajasthan has punished Congress in the first phase of voting. Rajasthan, full of patriotism, knows that Congress can never make India strong. He said that the country does not want the situation which was there before 2014. return.

“Congress has hollowed out the country by spreading the termite of nepotism and corruption. And today the country is angry with Congress and is punishing it for these sins. The youth are so angry that they do not want to see the face of Congress. ” Again.” Modi was addressing a public meeting in Bhinmal in support of BJP candidate Lumberam Chaudhary.

Modi said, “Congress itself is responsible for its current condition… The party which once won 400 seats, is not able to contest elections on 300 seats on its own. Today the condition of Congress is such that it does not even have candidates. Are able to meet.” Said.

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