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PM Narendra Modi (PTI Photo/Shahbaz Khan)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday spoke to residents of Giu village in Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti, when the area was connected to mobile networks for the first time.

In a telephonic conversation with him lasting over 13 minutes, Modi talked about his visit to the border area during Diwali and said connecting the villages with mobile networks will give impetus to the ‘Digital India’ campaign.

After the success in the electrification exercise, the government is now giving priority to connecting all places with communication technology, the Prime Minister said, adding that when he came to power, more than 18,000 villages lacked electricity.

A villager told him that when he was told that the area would be connected to the mobile network, he could not believe it for a moment and when it finally happened, his happiness knew no bounds.

Earlier, he said, earlier he had to travel about eight kilometers to use his mobile phone.

Modi highlighted his government’s efforts to promote development in border areas under the ‘Vibrant Village Program (VVP)’ and said earlier governments had left these areas to their fate.

Modi said, in his third term, he will focus on the quality of life of the people after giving priority to the ease of living till now and this will greatly benefit the remote areas, the poor and the middle class.

He said that the region will also benefit greatly from the ‘One District One Product’ programme.

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