A nine-year-old girl became the victim of an unprovoked attack in the middle of Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

The attacker, identified as 30-year-old Jose Carlos Zarzuela, was captured after the attack in the terminal’s busy dining area.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Police Department, Zarzuela, a recently released convict with a history of similar violent behavior, approached the young girl as she stood near her mother and without warning punched her in the face. But punched. amNY informed of.

The girl suffered pain and dizziness from the effects of the attack, requiring her to be taken to NYU Langone-Tisch Hospital. Thankfully, she is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries.

MTA Communications Director Tim Minton expressed outrage at the incident to AMNY and questioned the recent acquittal of Zarzuela, who was charged with another random attack that resulted in the victim’s nose being broken.

Minton said, “It makes no sense that this man – who was recently released after being accused of randomly punching someone else and breaking that victim’s nose – should be returned to the public space where he belongs. “Can attack others, especially children.”

“Those responsible for the criminal justice system need to learn from this episode before more innocent people become victims.”

After attacking the girl, Zarzuela fled the scene but was later found and arrested in the evening. Surveillance footage from the terminal showed Zarzuela walking near a Shake Shack before running into the street after the attack.

Zarzuela has been charged with a variety of crimes, including aggravated assault on a victim under the age of 11, second-degree assault, third-degree assault and attempted assault. As sources close to the investigation have indicated, his history with the law extends to eight other arrests.


This latest incident follows an attack by Zarzuela on April 4, where he attacked a 54-year-old woman at Grand Central Terminal, resulting in a broken nose. Despite initially being charged with second-degree felony assault, his charge was reduced to third-degree misdemeanor assault, and after initially posting bail which was reduced to 10,000 2,500, Judge Laurie Peterson ordered his release without bail a few days later.

more than amNY,

In that incident, MTA police sources said, Zarzuela allegedly punched the victim in the face without provocation or warning, breaking her nose. MTA police officers arrested him at the scene and charged him with second-degree aggravated assault.

But when Zarzuela appeared in New York County Criminal Court for arraignment later that day, the charge was reduced to a count of third-degree misdemeanor assault. According to court records, Prosecutors had requested that he remain behind bars on $10,000 bail; Bail was reduced to $2,500, which Zarzuela could not make, sources said.

However, at a follow-up hearing five days later, Judge Laurie Peterson ordered Zarzuela released from custody without bail, court records show.

Peterson, who ordered Former Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg faces five months in prison for perjury last week Gained notoriety in 2020 when he acquitted an accused person, in connection with the civil fraud trial of the former President The bloody attack on a police officer amid the George Floyd protests that summer,

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