Craft Technologies, a leading investment-tech company developing artificial intelligence solutions, proudly announces strategic technology collaboration with First Securities Investment Trust Company Limited (FSITC), a reputed asset management firm. The partnership will aim to develop new tools for investment management through the joint development of sophisticated AI and deep learning algorithms. These initiatives will focus on refining multi-factor screening models and enhancing market risk forecasting and setting new standards for investment strategies.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

In the current times, where AI and deep learning are changing the world of investing, Craft brings its cutting-edge expertise to this collaboration, leading to the development of innovative financial technologies. The venture will use Craft’s advanced AI algorithms to identify and analyze comprehensive global financial data, optimizing the stock selection process and market risk sentiment forecasts. CRAFT and FSITC aim to broaden and advance the toolkit available to mutual fund, DAM account and active ETF portfolio managers, ensuring that top-tier investment management services are accessible to the public.

“Our collaboration with FSITC is an important step in our mission to redefine the financial investment landscape with AI-powered solutions,” said Marcus Kim, CEO of Craft Technologies. “New opportunities for investors around the world.”

Since 2016, FSITC has been at the forefront of introducing AI-themed investment products, including the FSITC Global AI Robotics and Smart Automation Fund and others. These initiatives reflect FSITC’s commitment to innovation and its strategy to leverage AI in operational management and investment processes.

FSITC’s collaboration with Qraft further enhances FSITC’s investment strategies by incorporating Qraft’s AI algorithms in stock selection and market risk sentiment analysis. The aim of this synergy is to refine mutual fund investment processes and set new standards in risk management.

“Joining with Craft not only enhances our capabilities but is also in line with our commitment to advance the integration of AI in the financial sector,” said Liao Wen-Wei, General Manager of FSITC. “We are ready to embark on this journey, creating new inroads in investment management through our shared vision and technological synergy.”

About Craft Technologies

Craft Technologies is a fintech company that aims to drive growth in the asset management industry through its innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and investing. Qraft offers a variety of AI-powered investing solutions, including a security selection engine, asset allocation engine, robo-advisor solutions, and an AI order-execution system. From data processing to alpha research and portfolio execution, Craft has an established track record in developing cutting-edge AI solutions that have been adopted by over 25 financial institutions worldwide. In 2022, Craft received a US$146 million investment from SoftBank Group, entering into a strategic partnership to accelerate AI in the asset management industry.

About First Securities Investment Trust Company Limited (FSITC)

First Securities Investment Trust Company Limited (FSITC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Financial Holding Company. FSITC is the third investment trust company established in Taiwan since 1986. At the end of November 2023, total assets under management stood at NTD$124.4. billion, with publicly offered fund assets totaling NT$112 billion, ranking 14th among its peers. FSITC is the pioneer of onshore AI theme funds in Taiwan and has launched a series of onshore AI related theme funds since 2016, focusing on robotics, fintech, bio and AI related software applications. In February 2020, FSITC established a Quantitative Investment Department which actively recruits outstanding individuals. In quantitative investing, quantitative investing provides the resources and platform necessary to develop and implement investment strategies and provide high-quality portfolio management services to clients.

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