February 12, 2024 —

On the Fort Garry campus, a short trip from the UMSU University Center to the Curry Place Pedway at 162 Extended Education, UM Student Welfare Center (SWC) Waiting for you—a place to connect, get well, and stay healthy. If you enter Extended Education through the tunnels, go straight down the hall, go through the passage to the Active Living Center and turn right just past the bus stop doors outside. If you are coming from the Active Living Centre, turn left once you reach Extended Education and follow the signs, turning right just before the doors to University Crescent.

When walking through the space, take a deep breath and look around. You’ll find a variety of cozy and quiet places to visit. If you’re not sure how to take up space, don’t worry. There is no right way. This space is designed to meet your needs where you are, on that day. If you need any assistance, a staff member or volunteer is at our front desk ready to assist you.

Here are five things you can do while you are here:

1. Meet with a Healthy U peer health educator to discuss health and wellness concerns.

to meet a healthy u Volunteer, you can come during office hours or make an appointment at our Website, To make sure Healthy You is right for you, our volunteer will provide you with a screening form. From there, you will be asked to complete a brief intake form, detailing your current concern and what you are hoping to get from the session. Our volunteers can meet with students for up to 45 minutes. They can provide a listening ear, a supportive and non-judgmental environment, tips and strategies, and direction to resources that should be helpful.

Some of the reasons students look to Healthy U volunteer:

· Relationship breakup challenges (friends, romantic partners)

Stress or difficulty in balancing student life

· Questions about health and wellness resources on campus

· Tips for better sleep

2. Relax, unwind and freshen up in the lounge space.

We invite you to sit on the couch, use our rocking chair or operate from our wheeled stool. You’ll often hear quiet music playing within the centre, but we also have noise canceling headphones if you want to disconnect or connect to something specific depending on your mood. The SWC provides dim lighting, illuminated primarily by fairy lights, salt lamps and SAD lamps. We have blankets and pillows available for those looking for a little extra comfort.

3. Discover and learn something new from resources in the Wellness Library designed to meet the diverse needs of our student population.

Find out about student support units on campus, discover health and wellness support available through the Active Living Center or Family Resource Center, or pick up safe sex supplies and educational materials. Read self-development and wellness books while you’re in space and learn more about safe substance use materials, including information from the Addiction Foundation of Manitoba.

4. Connect with others and create community with other students with similar interests.

Connections on such a large campus can be challenging. At the Student Wellbeing Centre, we strive to develop a culture of acceptance and belonging. You are invited to use SWC to meet like-minded students interested in various health and wellness aspects. You can do so informally by sitting together and having a cup of tea or through our ongoing programs such as “Unwind and Thrive – Making Stress Balls” “Student Group Mixes and Mingles and Q+As” or “Pause for Paws – Pet Therapy” Can join.

5. Use our quiet space to take time to control yourself, in a safe environment – ​​whatever method works for you.

If this private “room” is empty, you can simply sit in our rocking chair, leave the sliding door open or closed and begin to take control of your space. We provide a weighted blanket, dim lighting, and noise-cancelling headphones for you to make the space just the way you need it.

Come and find a restorative oasis on campus! Hours change depending on staffing, so check UM’s health and wellness page For more information and latest updates. join us at healthy u websiteBut Instagram Or Via email,

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