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,‘Public officials can’t shut down speech they don’t like’

Staff members of the Yolo County Public Library in California attacked the free speech of the local Moms for Liberty organization, and are now facing a First Amendment lawsuit over their censorship scheme and actions.

it is Free Speech Institute It said the action, along with ADF, was filed in a federal court on behalf of the parents’ organization “challenging the unconstitutional actions of Yolo County Public Library officials.”

He has been accused of having policies and practices that violate the First Amendment because he has acted in a manner that reveals his complete intolerance of viewpoints with which he disagrees.

“The government censoring Americans for expressing their opinions is a clear violation of First Amendment rights. Yet that’s just what Yolo County Public Library staff did at an event hosted by the local chapter of Moms for Liberty,” the organization reported.

“This case stems from the ‘Forum on Fair and Safe Sports for Girls’ event organized by M4L in August to discuss the issue of biological males competing in women’s sports. M4L paid to reserve public space in the library for the event. However, Scott Love, the library’s regional manager, invited disruptive protesters to the event and then shut down the platform shortly after it began,” the institute reported.

The legal action seeks an injunction against the library’s “unconstitutional policies and practices.”

Legal teams convinced Love to shut down the platform, saying that the participants were “misgendering” people.

He demanded that all others adopt his belief that referring to “transgender women” as “men” is what they are, or saying that “men” are participating in women’s sports is akin to them. This would lead to closure of the event, the institute said.

The report states, “When participants continued to use words unfavorable to him and discuss his view that men were actually competing in women’s sports, Love followed through on his threat to shut down the platform. “

The library and its employees are also accused of actively organizing protests against the plaintiffs’ events, directing protesters to attend and causing disruptions, and urging police to “take action against speakers.”

“Americans have the right to speak out on matters of public concern without fear that government officials will censor them,” said Alan Gura, vice president for litigation at the Institute for Free Speech.

“Yolo County officials encourage their ideological allies to disrupt speakers whose opinions they disapprove of, and they actively censor speech that does not match their own views. We hope this case will reaffirm every American’s First Amendment right to freely share ideas in public places.

“Public officials can’t shut down speech they don’t like,” said Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel and director of the Center for Academic Freedom with the Alliance Defending Freedom. “The organizers of this event have every right to express their concerns about men in women’s sports, and library staff wrongly shut down this event. We urge the court to uphold our clients’ constitutionally protected liberties.

ADF reported that the library canceled the event due to a speech by Sophia Laurie, outreach director of the California Family Council and former collegiate athlete.

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