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The peace of the Arlington neighborhood was disrupted yesterday evening by the appearance of a suspicious man A volley of flames followed, followed by gunfire and an explosion.N. inside a residential property located on the 800 block of Burlington Street.

Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) issued an initial statement He said officers were first called to the scene around 4:45 p.m. on Dec. 4 following reports of shots fired. Preliminary findings indicate that the suspect fired a flare gun repeatedly – ​​estimated between 30 and 40 times – from inside his home, causing flames to spread across the area. Thankfully, it resulted in no property damage or injuries.

The situation escalated when officers armed with a search warrant attempted to go to the suspect’s residence. Attempts to communicate with the barricaded man, including phone calls and loudspeaker announcements, were met with silence.

During an attempt to execute the warrant, the suspect allegedly fired multiple rounds from a high-caliber firearm inside the home.

Efforts to deescalate the situation intensified as ACPD secured a search warrant for the property and attempted to communicate with the barricaded individual via phone and through the use of a loudspeaker. These efforts were met with silence until, during warrant execution, the suspect fired multiple shots from a weapon, believed to be a high-caliber gun.

Tension reached a peak around 8:25 pm when the house where the suspect was hiding exploded. Video footage circulating online showed the massive fire.


By 10:30 pm, the fire was largely contained, with first responders controlling the remaining locations. Despite the volatility of the situation, only three officers sustained minor injuries, and no one was subsequently hospitalized related to the incident.

Neighbor Alex Wilson, who captured viral video of the Arlington home explosion, shared his firsthand account with FOX 5.

Wilson said he was standing outside with other people in anticipation of the arrival of the police. When police arrived, the suspect barricaded himself in the area, refusing to come out of his residence. Despite attempts by the police to get him out, the situation remained static, causing Wilson and the others to lose interest and return indoors.

About three hours later, Wilson noted the arrival of a SWAT truck, signaling a significant escalation. He and others climbed to the top of his roof for a clearer view. The SWAT team attempted to negotiate with the suspect and urged him to surrender peacefully. When these attempts failed, he used the truck’s pile driving arm to break down the front door.

At this point, according to Wilson, the suspect began firing a weapon – not the flare gun used earlier, but a high-caliber firearm, possibly an “AR.” Police responded with non-lethal force, firing shotgun shells into the house while continuously announcing their non-lethal intent.

Wilson described the terrifying moment the house suddenly exploded. He, his pregnant wife and friends watched in shock and disbelief as the structure was engulfed in flames. Wilson speculated that the suspect may have filled the house with natural gas, causing the massive explosion.

Wilson identified the suspect as James Yu, although this information has not been independently verified by Gateway Pundit at this time. Local news outlets and social media sources suggest that the house involved in the incident was registered to Yu.


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