Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of unusual health trends.

Actress turned lifestyle guruThe 51-year-old recently revealed a number of unusual health practices that have got her seal of approval, including eating magic mushrooms.

“Like, psilocybin?” Paltrow clarified “To kill or not to kill?” You are playing a game with people, “Kill. I would say kill. I think psychedelics are definitely going to be – and currently are – the next, most interesting area in addressing mental health.

“There is incredible research coming out about these modalities,” he added.

According to the Alcohol and Drug FoundationMagic mushrooms – whose main ingredient is psilocybin – are naturally occurring and consumed for their hallucinogenic effects.

The actress is a fan of magic mushrooms, saying, “I think psychedelics are absolutely going to be the next, most interesting area in addressing mental health – and currently are.”
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The organization classifies them as psychedelic drugs because they can affect all the senses and alter a person’s thinking, emotions, and concept of time.

When it comes to “slugging,” which is the act of applying petroleum jelly to one’s face for mega hydration, Paltrow is a little more cautious.

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“I’m Switzerland at slugging,” he admitted. “Feeling slugging – sticky?”

“But if you’re interested in it,” she notes, “it can’t hurt you.”

“I am Switzerland at slugging. Slugging looks sticky? But if you’re into it,” he made sure to note, “it can’t hurt you.”
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group founder Also like lemon water, sound bath, sauna, cold plunge, melatonin, chlorophyll water and pimple patches if needed.

He argued that lemon water is “alkaline”, “very good for the body” and does an excellent job of “flushing”[ing] Out of your system.

“It’s great to have a drink first thing in the morning,” she explained, emphasizing sound baths, which she finds “really healing,” and the sauna, which she enjoys “at least a few times a week.”

“There’s a lot of good research on hot-cold therapy,” Paltrow said when asked about cold relief. “All the longevity people are really interested in it right now.”

The Goop founder also loves lemon water, sound baths, saunas, cold plunges, melatonin, chlorophyll water, and pimple patches.
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Oscar winner This all points in favor of taking melatonin as a sleep aid, keeping in mind that it helps her when she is jet-lagged. She also likes chlorophyll water and its “very attractive” color.

Although Paltrow is unlikely to have acne, she supports pimple patches and “supports the fact that they help eliminate the shame that comes with having pimples, which is a common thing.”

He said to his children – 19 year old daughter Apple And 17 year old son Moseswhom she shares with ex-husband Chris Martin – they really “like” her.

Paltrow said she enjoys the sauna “at least a few times a week”.
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A “no” on the list went to facial tape, which is said to help prevent wrinkles.

“I don’t think they necessarily work,” the “Seven” star explained.

“However, I remember My mother [Blythe Danner] When I was younger, I had these things called frownies, and she would stick a triangle on her forehead. Actually, he didn’t have too many wrinkles on his forehead, so maybe they would work.”

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