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Jim Appleton joins Inside Automotive to discuss the ACC2 and the challenges of growing demand in the zero-emissions vehicle sector.Addressing the Challenges in ACC2 and Driving Zero-Emissions Vehicle Demand – Jim Appleton | nj car
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced a proposal to adopt the Advanced Clean Cars II plan (ACC2), which would require car manufacturers to increase zero-emission vehicle shipments to 100% of all deliveries by 2035. The strategy was originally implemented by California Air. Resource Board (CARB) last year and has been adopted by many states since then. on this episode of inside automotiveHosts Jim Fitzpatrick and Sean Malone are joined by its president Jim Appleton New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJ CAR), to discuss the proposal and how it could impact the retail automotive sector. View full segment Here,

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During a practice sit-in outside the Stellantis plant in Detroit, UAW President Sean Fain addressed the possibility of a strike.

During a practice strike outside the Stellantis plant in Detroit, United Auto Workers president Sean Fain discussed the possibility of a strike with union members in the form of a contract. conversation The big-three automakers inch closer to their September 14 deadline. UAW vows to strike OEM Officer failed to agree to their terms, which include large wage increases and guarantees that auto manufacturing jobs would be protected during the transition to electric vehicles. Read more

Drivers are facing more problems with electric vehicles than with ICE vehicles, as traditional OEMs compete with Tesla.Drivers are facing more technical problems with electric vehicles than with ICE vehicles, as traditional OEMs compete with disruptive brands like Tesla. Over 82,000 new car owners gave electric vehicles low marks on 17 of the 21 features listed Survey conducted by JD Power, The researchers said that 86% of EV models tested saw low scores in the area of ​​advanced technology, referring to emerging innovations such as driver assistance software and hands-free user interfaces. Read more

The US workplace safety regulator announced on August 23 that it was investigating a recent chemical solvent leak at a battery facility in Ohio that is jointly controlled by General Motors and South Korea's LG Energy Solutions.

The United States workplace safety regulator announced on August 23 that it was investigating a recent chemical solvent leak at a battery facility in Ohio. General Motors And LG Energy Solutions Joint control of South Korea. joint venture, Ultium Sales LLCsaid it had discovered a cathode mixing slurry leak at its Ohio production facility and took immediate action to isolate and control the cause. Read more

consumer fatigue The cost of new and used cars is affecting their sales rates, with best-selling new models selling at a 29.2% slower rate and popular used cars selling at a 26% slower rate than last year. According to a recent report from iSeeCars.comUsed vehicle sales are up 6.1% overall, while new car sales are down 25.7%. Read more

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Your dealership is or will become a specialist in electric vehicles.  Take advantage of this mastery by promoting what you know. 6 tips for marketing the benefits of electric vehicles and other eco-friendly cars
Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular among environmentally conscious consumers looking for more sustainable transportation. However, marketing the environmental benefits of EVs to this audience requires a well-thought-out approach. These efforts should include highlighting the ‘green’ aspects of EVs. With that in mind, let’s review effective techniques that dealerships can use to attract environmentally conscious buyers. Read more

Ford takes the lead in the Lightning EV pickup, Las Vegas dealer scammed, Andersen Automotive expands, and more headlines in automotive industry news this week.

Weekly roundup: Ford Lightning dominates the EV pickup market, Andersen Automotive expands
Cox Automotive says the Ford Lightning EV is leading the market in terms of interest, beating out Tesla’s Cybertruck. Las Vegas dealer Jim Marsh faced a real estate scam on a Colorado plot. Andersen Automotive Group expanded into South Carolina with seven new dealerships. A recent study shows that leasing an electric vehicle is more economical than gas-powered options. Sean Fein, president of the UAW, braces for a possible strike amid crucial automaker talks. And more headlines to keep you on top this week in the automotive sector Industry News, Read more

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