The Dragonfly G4 is a business laptop manufactured by the US-based PC maker Hewlett Packard, differentiates itself from consumer laptops through an emphasis on enterprise-focused features. These include security, durability, performance, power efficiency, and connectivity. Additionally, it includes a custom-tailored software suite that caters to specific work experiences. All these qualities are contained in the light (999 grams) and thin (16.4 mm) form factor of the HP Dragonfly G4.


Built with a recycled metal body, the HP Dragonfly G4 offers a premium presence, especially in the slate blue color (review unit). Its compact form closely mirrors the dimensions of an A4 sheet of paper. Despite its small size and lightweight build, the Dragonfly G4 doesn’t compromise on any essential features. It features a work-focused 3:2 aspect ratio display with slim bezels, a keyboard with well-spaced keys for comfortable typing, and a dedicated row of multi-function keys for added convenience. The laptop also has a modestly sized glass trackpad and a diverse array of I/O ports. Ports include a push-to-release type nano-SIM tray for wireless 4G connectivity, a 3.5mm headphone jack, two USB Type-C ports supporting Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 connectivity, a SuperSpeed ​​USB port with reverse charging capability -A port included. and a full-size HDMI 2.1 port.

display and audio

HP Dragonfly G4 sports a 13.5-inch IPS LCD touch display with WUXGA+ resolution. While the display offers vibrant colors and brightness, it has limited viewing angles, requiring frequent adjustments for optimal viewing. Fortunately, the display lid is equipped with a gentle hinge that allows easy movement. However, the glossy and reflective nature of the display makes it less suitable for use in bright outdoor environments.

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Featuring a squarish 3:2 aspect ratio, the display accommodates more vertical content in a single view than a traditional 16:9 screen. This feature reduces the need for excessive scrolling, which proves beneficial for work-related tasks. However, it is not suitable for viewing content formatted in wider aspect ratios such as 16:9 and 21:9, including videos on platforms such as YouTube and Netflix.

In terms of audio, the laptop comes equipped with a pair of top-firing stereo speakers that deliver loud, balanced and clear sound. Though these speakers lack support for audio virtualization profiles like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, they are more than suitable for regular everyday use.


Running Microsoft Windows 11 Pro for Business, the Dragonfly G4 comes pre-loaded with an HP software suite that enhances the work experience beyond what’s typically available on consumer laptops. This suite includes a number of security-related applications and, in particular, features that facilitate contextual experiences. The laptop includes built-in sensors that, in conjunction with the front camera, detect the user’s presence. This results in automatic screen lock and shutdown when the user walks away, and subsequent unlock (via Windows Hello face detection) when their return is detected. Importantly, this process is completed in a matter of seconds and works well in low light and complete darkness.

In addition to contextual experiences, HP has included a variety of tools to improve the videoconferencing experience. For example, users can use the built-in webcam as well as an external webcam, adjust backlight intensity and low-light condition settings, control background blurring and its intensity, and “fall back”. Can use freeze frames to convey position, and can engage in both auto and manual keystone correction.

performance and battery

Powered by Intel Evo certified 13th Gen Core i7 vPRO processors, the Dragonfly G4 is equipped with up to 32GB of soldered LPDDR5 RAM and 2TB M.2 PCIe/NVMe Gen 4×4 SSD storage. Performance is responsive during everyday tasks, and the laptop’s thermal management remains effective even under heavy workloads.

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Its fast performance is coupled with its impressive battery life. During normal operation, the laptop easily lasts a full day, providing around ten hours of battery time on a single charge. For mixed usage scenarios, battery life stabilizes at around eight hours, which should be sufficient for most professionals.


HP Dragonfly G4 is a premium business starting at Rs 220,000 laptop, However, its integrated graphics configuration may not meet everyone’s needs. Nonetheless, the Dragonfly G4 emerges as a suitable option for those looking for a work-oriented laptop that prioritizes security, durability, connectivity, performance, and battery life. Its built-in contextual experience features enhance its day-to-day usability. Furthermore, the inclusion of the HP software suite and video conferencing tools contribute to a richer overall experience.

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