A survival drama centered on an Indian woman stranded alone in the middle of war-torn Iraq. The story revolves around a regular Indian young woman who is pushed into the realm of difficult life and death decisions in order to maintain her family’s livelihood.

Directed by Pranay Meshram, Akeli attempts to create a cinematic work that highlights the grim realities of war and the suffering of those trapped and deliberately targeted. The film is scheduled to release in theaters on 25 August.

‘Alone’: Insight

A teenage and helpless girl is standing on the road with explosives strapped to her chest. His mother is calling for help in the distance. The Bomb Squad is trying to defuse the time bomb to save him. A moment later, there was an explosion, dust and fire engulfing the scene. Everyone standing nearby gets as far away as possible. In that fateful moment, you know that the Nushrat Bharucha-starrer is not going to be a simple watch alone.

This thriller drama is Pranay Meshram’s directorial debut with Nushrat playing a solo lead role. Talking about the starcast, this film completely depends on Nusrat’s shoulders. Apart from them, no other big name is involved in this.

Inspired by the true story of a Middle Eastern woman, Alone is a tale of courage, conviction and survival. Similarly, it also portrays the atrocities faced by women while being held captive by the terrorist organization ISIS. Meshram tries to portray violence and bloodshed with the intention of surprising the audience, and tries desperately to create impact. Alone is shocking, frightening, though rarely reassuring.

What is alone about?

The film begins with Jyoti (Nusrat) trapped in a war zone in Iraq. In a flashback, scenes show her home in Punjab, where she lives with her mother and niece. He has to pay off his family debt. In desperation, she is tricked by a job agent (Rajesh Jais) and agrees to work as a factory supervisor in Mosul, Iraq.

Once there, his colleague-turned-colleague Rafiq (Nishant Dahiya) tells him how ISIS members come into the factory and take away the female workers to turn them into their sex slaves. Jyoti’s fate takes an unexpected turn when she arrives at the home of ISIS leader Assad (Tsahi Halevi), where she meets several victims whom Assad often sexually abuses. Can she really come out of this hellish place?

nushrat bharucha movies

This is not the first film in which Nusrat can be seen in a solo lead role. Earlier she was also in the lead role in ‘Chhori’ released in 2021. It was a remake of the superhit Marathi film ‘Lapachapi’ and she played the role of a pregnant woman.

Nusrat’s last few films didn’t do well at the box office. His previous films like ‘Huddang’, ‘Ram Setu’, ‘Janhit Mein Jaari’ and ‘Selfie’ failed to impress the audience and performed poorly at the theatres.

Film ‘Akeli’: Overview

• TeaHeatrikal Release Date: August 25, 2023

, mold: Nusrat Bharucha, Nishant Dahiya, Tsahi Halevi, Amir Boutros

, movie time: 127 minutes (2 hours, 7 minutes)

, show time: In Delhi/NCR as per ‘BookMyShow’; Many theaters have start times from 11:55 a.m. to 7:40 p.m.

, stamp: In Delhi/NCR as per ‘BookMyShow’; The prices start from Rs 180 to Rs 1200 in many theatres.

, Story: Jyoti, a young woman from Punjab gets a job in Mosul, Iraq and soon finds herself in the midst of ISIS terrorists and struggles for her life and survival.

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