It’s one of the hottest industries for ambitious business school graduates, but is technology a good career path? We break down technology careers, high paying tech jobs and more

If you’re considering your options after graduating from business school, you probably already know that careers in technology are dynamic, ever-changing, and well-paying.

But technology careers can vary greatly depending on the field you choose or the company you work for, so it can be difficult to decide whether a career in technology is right for you.

To help you decide if technology is a good career path for you, we’ve broken down the key benefits of technology jobs, listed some of the highest paying roles in the industry, and showcased how- What your career path might look like as you move forward. ,

Considering your career options?


Technology Careers | Advantages and Disadvantages of Technical Jobs

A career in the tech industry comes with many advantages. It offers competitive pay, rapid career growth and the opportunity to work on the cutting edge innovations shaping the modern world.

“This is an incredibly attractive career path for MBAs, especially because it has the opportunity to work with organizations that are growing and developing rapidly. “What you do today, you won’t be doing in five years,” says Christian Dummett, executive director of the London Business School Career Centre.

The ever-evolving nature of technology ensures that learning and skill development is ongoing, making this an intellectually stimulating field.

However, technical careers can also be demanding, often requiring long hours and intense workloads. The fast-paced environment can lead to high levels of stress, and the constant need to stay updated can be overwhelming at times.

Although jobs in technology may require less intensive hours than those in other fields such as finance, anonymous Glassdoor Review Amazon’s managerial staff noted long working hours and work-life balance challenges.

Technical jobs can also offer less structured career paths than other fields, as roles in technology are highly innovative and are often built around new advances in technology.

“It’s a ‘forge your own way’ kind of thing, it really depends on the company,” explains Zeynep Floret, head of employer engagement at INSEAD.

This can be considered either a pro or a con – many business school graduates may prefer the lack of rigor provided by a technical field.

The benefits of working in technology should also not be underestimated. If you’re lucky enough to land a job at one of the big tech firms like Amazon, Apple, or Google, you may be eligible for employee benefits such as unlimited annual leave or access to on-site sports and wellness. facilities.

technology jobs

A range of traditional and less traditional options exist in the world of technology.

One of the most specialized careers in technology is product management, which involves leading the development of new products, creating marketing strategies, and managing a team of developers.

Operations management is another popular path for those pursuing a career in tech. Here, you will monitor to identify areas where operations can be improved and streamlined.

Some other major jobs in tech include business development manager, marketing manager, human resources business partner, and finance business partner.

On the less traditional side, there are jobs such as artificial intelligence engineer and blockchain developer, with more jobs emerging as technologies develop.

Best Paying Jobs in Technology

Jobs in the tech sector not only allow you to be at the center of cutting-edge innovation, but you’ll also be well-compensated for your efforts.

In the US, product managers earn an average salary of around $147k, according to Glassdoor data, while business development managers can expect to earn around $117k.

Business school graduates can expect to find especially high paying technology jobs. For example, according to MIT Sloan 2021-2022 MBA Employment reportsGraduates employed in the tech sector earned an average salary of $150k.

Some of the major tech employers of MIT graduates were Amazon, Apple and Google.

Distinctive Pathways to Technology Career Progression

Although the typical path to career advancement in tech may not be as structured as other major fields such as finance or consulting, careers in tech offer excellent opportunities for advancement.

The innovation culture means that tech companies often operate in a merit-based manner, with career advancement based largely on performance factors.

Eddie Bhagra is an Associate Partner at IBM and a Master’s graduate in Management from Bocconi University. He says the best aspect of his career in tech is the change and opportunities it brings.

“One day I may be advising a client in the aviation sector and another day I may be advising a large investment bank,” he says.

Typically, as employees grow experience in technology, they may move on to more specialized roles in software development or data analysis, or hone their expertise in technical areas including blockchain, AI or cyber security.

“There’s a lot of flexibility within companies to take on a new job,” says Mary Simon, director of career counseling and education at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Moving on, there are mid-level positions where graduates can take on more responsibilities, often supervising projects and collaborating with teams.

Over time, those who excel may move into senior roles, guiding complex initiatives, making strategic decisions and leading innovation. Many MBA graduates opt for the management track, overseeing teams and projects, while others may look toward entrepreneurship, starting their own companies or joining tech startups.

The highly innovative approach that the technology sector gives rise to is not without challenges. Some may see technology as a more risky path to take than other fields, as shown Tech companies hit by layoffs In early 2023.

not to mention that there are still systemic Gender Diversity Issues in Techwith female staff 65% More likely to be affected by layoffs.

Key Skills Required for Jobs in Technology

To be successful in technology, you’ll need a variety of skills. Tech careers require employees to bridge the gap between technical skills such as data analysis and data visualization, and management and leadership abilities. ‘Soft’ skills such as communication and leadership are also important – this is particularly the case for MBA graduates who take on less specialist roles in industry.

“You have to have both the aspects, the technical knowledge and the business side of it. If you want to deliver insight to the business, you need to understand what is happening,” says Edwin Nguyen, Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon and Master in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence from EDHEC Business School.

You also need to be a person with a keen eye on the constant developments in the technological world.

“Recruiters are looking for people who are curious and driven,” says Mary of the Kellogg School of Management.

Is Technology a Good Career Path?


Careers in tech are highly innovative, ever-changing and fast-paced, which is why it is one of the most popular career destinations for business school graduates.

Employees can take advantage of the breadth of opportunities offered by the technology sector and chart their own career path to success.

The technical field demands a wide variety of skills, which may mean that graduates must be well-versed in technical skills and communication skills. If you are someone who prefers to have a narrow set of specialist skills – you may face hurdles in making progress in the technical field.

as the use of artificial intelligence in business develops, new roles are likely to open up in areas such as Responsible AI and technical stability.


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