The Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti National Master Plan to transform the country’s infrastructure. On the occasion of 75th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off Gati Shakti Yojana, a mega project worth Rs 100 lakh crore with an aim to change the infrastructure landscape of India. The scheme is expected to reduce the time taken for infrastructure projects and upgrade India’s competitiveness in the market.

On 13 October 2021, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti (PMGS) scheme. The project aims to break down inter-ministerial entanglements and silos and promote collaboration and integration to fasttrack implementation of projects. The scheme is expected to streamline the implementation of projects across the country and promote coordination between various ministries involved in these projects.

What are the benefits of PM Gati Shakti?

• It creates a centralized portal to unify the infrastructure initiatives of 16 Central Ministries and Departments.

• Facilitates these ministries, a centralized transport and logistics grid for smooth data flow and expediting project approvals.

• Massive infrastructure projects like UDAN, expansion of railway network, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, inland waterways and Bharat Net will be implemented by Gati Shakti Master Plan.

• The Gati Shakti Master Plan aims at creating employment opportunities for a large number of persons.

• The three primary goals of the plan are smooth multimodal connectivity, optimum utilization of resources to create enhanced priority and timely capacity, and resolution of issues such as standardisation, disjointed planning and clearances.

• Gati Shakti Mission aims to create world-class infrastructure in the country and promote logistic synergy across different modes of movement.

• The general objective of this campaign is to enhance the competitiveness and economic growth in India.

PM Gati Shakti: Latest Updates

• As part of the PM Gati Shakti initiative, the Network Planning Group (NPG) on Thursday announced four infrastructure projects.

• The project will improve roads, thereby helping local people by reducing travel cost, time and distance. Additionally, the project will promote roadside tourism and socioeconomic development.

• A more extensive railway line between Pushkar and Merta in Rajasthan was also mentioned by the NPG. The estimated cost of the project was Rs 799.64 crore. The new line as it is being envisioned will provide direct connectivity between central India and the western frontier and northern India. Also, it will reduce congestion and reduce traffic on the highway.

• NPG valued another rail project in Rajasthan, another broad-gauge line between Merta City and Ras railway stations, at Rs 947 crore. The project will ensure to accelerate the flow of products in Pali and Nagaur regions of Rajasthan and encourage industrial, regional and general development.

Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti National Master Plan: Target

• The National Highway network will be expanded to expand the extent of roadways and touch the 2 lakh km mark.

• The plan envisages construction of around 200 new airports, heliports and water aerodromes to support aviation.

• Railways’ limit for freight will be expanded to about 1,600 tonnes by FY25.

• Transmission network of electricity to be extended to 454,200 circuit km for easy access.

• The plan aims to increase renewable capacity to 225 GW by FY2025 and complete about 17,000 km of gas pipelines.

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