Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar on Friday lamented that while the judiciary and the executive are busy getting the job done, the situation in the legislature is “disappointing”.

He also said that in the political field people have all rights to do politics, but when it comes to the development of the country, politicians should rise above party lines.

Presiding over the 25th annual convocation ceremony of the New Delhi Institute of Management here, Dhankhar said India’s judicial system is very strong and working at the highest level. He said that the executive headed by the Prime Minister is working fast.

He lamented, “But when it comes to the legislature, your representatives, the scene is dismal. As the chairman of the Rajya Sabha, I do not see debate, dialogue, discussion. I see disruption, disturbance.”

He told the students that they have to create a system where those who work, who prove their worth, who live up to constitutional expectations, are appreciated.

He said that people have to speak up against those who fail to fulfill their mandate.

He insisted that when the Supreme Court and the executive are working why should the legislature fail.

Referring to the issue of governance, the Vice President said that the corridors of power in the country were once full of power brokers and wheeler-dealers.

He said, “Those corridors of power have been cleared. The institution of power brokers is dead, it can never be revived.”

Dhankhar said, transparency and accountability are the hallmark of governance. He added, “It’s all for a good cause – there’s no room for corruption.”

In an apparent reference to some opposition leaders, he asked if someone has been booked for violation of laws, corruption or crime, should he hit the streets or go to court.

(Only the headline and image of this report may have been reworked by Business Standard staff; the rest of the content was auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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