Debris accumulation on nets is a notable hindrance to the aquaculture industry, affecting both the effectiveness of operations and the welfare of the fish. Current cleaning methods have environmental and equipment difficulties, as well as posing a risk to the health of the fish. Developing sustainable and efficient solutions is important to drive the industry’s modernization efforts.

To meet this challenge, remora roboticsAn aquaculture technology company based in Stavanger, Norway, has developed an autonomous cleaning robot that prevents biofouling in fish farm nets.

Daily cleaning of net structures performed automatically by robots is likely to improve fish health, welfare, and quality, as debris removal from nets can improve water flow, resulting in higher levels of dissolved oxygen within. may be level. pen.

Additionally, while cleaning net structures, Remora also analyzes and reports any damage done to the netting.

In its description of the autonomous robot, the company says: “[Remora] Scans the entire net and collects the necessary data from all depths of the pen’s aquatic environment. For example, the remora can report the level of biopollution on the net as well as possible holes and wear preventing the fish from escaping.

In a press release announcing the investment, investment manager Lars Jørgen Loktu Grig Capitalsaid: “The company’s technology has the potential to streamline net cleaning and improve the health of farmed fish, which is vital to the sustainable progress of the aquaculture industry”.

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