The Donald Trump Brain Trust decided not to send the twice impeached (and four times convicted) president to a Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News in Wisconsin on Wednesday. Instead, he devised a counterprogramming plan featuring a sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson. The interview, filmed next to what looks like a sitcom fireplace, ran on Elon Musk’s Exiter, which is home to Carlson’s new show.

After the debate, Carlson and Trump ranted about the interview’s high viewership. Trump went to his Truth Social Account to boast, “Looks like the Tucker Carlson interview will end with the number ‘over 100 million’. Awesome!” Really wow!

As for Carlson, he expressed his happiness that the size of his interview audience “much biggerFar more than what Trump can reach on cable news. And oysters? Responding to a tweet that suggested the interview might become the “most viewed” on Xwitter, he simply wrote, “Sure!,

As of the writing of this story, the “views” statistic on the video is active 230.6 million, (this is more than the number of those Vote in our country!) But the “views” metric doesn’t mean what Carlson, Trump, and Musk want you to mean.

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if you go to x Help Center, they describe what counts as a view: “Anyone logged in to Twitter who views a tweet is counted as a view, regardless of where they view the tweet (eg Home, Search, Profile, etc.) or whether they follow it or not. Author. If you’re the author, even viewing your own tweet counts as a view. But what exactly are analytics associated with video “views”? According to Twitter,

“The core Twitter video views metric is triggered when a user watches a video for at least 2 seconds and at least 50% of the video player is in-view. This applies to view metrics for both uploaded videos and live broadcasts.

This is a very literal idea of ​​”view” – let’s say, as distinct from “watch” – and there isn’t much to clarify. On top of that, a major booster in the interview’s view count is Musk himself, who has a “followers” list of over 154 million. exposed As in a lot of smoke and mirrors. So “views” mean nothing when it comes to actual engagement. You only need to look at “reposts,” “quotes,” and “likes” to see that the number of people engaging with this video is pretty pathetic.

Let’s pretend for a moment that Trump, Carlson and Musk were right, and that more than two-thirds of the US population was right saw Trump interview. this would mean that hundreds of millions Of those who watched the video, less than 0.3 percent bothered to “like” it.

But very few people actually watched the video on a large scale, and that seems pretty clear from all the data collected so far.

Here’s an update on Fox News’ ratings.


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We talk about the upcoming Republican presidential debate and how sad it is. The Republican Party shot itself in the foot with a Trump-shaped bullet and now it’s stuck with them for the foreseeable future. We’re still trying to figure out the possible avenues the Republican field could take to get rid of The Donald.

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