How can senior citizen housing owners and operators optimize their technology stacks to meet resident and family expectations as well as achieve operational efficiency?

But Wednesday, September 6, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT, Senior Citizen Housing Business will host the webinar, “Technology and Senior Citizen Housing: How to Achieve a Smart, Streamlined and Standardized Business System,” Exploring the value and ROI of several senior life-specific technology solutions and the opportunity costs associated with inefficient or redundant systems.

The webinar will focus on the importance of well-defined, specific goals to guide technology implementation strategies within senior living communities. Panelists will share best practices related to completing an effective technology audit and designing a roadmap, as well as tips on how to transform senior living technology from a cost center to a revenue driver.

key takeaways:

  • How to justify the seemingly enormous costs associated with many technology solutions – and which decisions and priorities should be at the top of the list.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a universal, enterprise-wide technology stack and how to overcome the barriers to streamlining systems.
  • General trends, practical strategies, and real-world examples of how senior living organizations have reduced expenses, delivered proven ROI, and positioned their employees and communities for success.

This webinar is free, thanks to the sponsor icon. Icon is the result of VoiceFriend’s best-in-class communications technology and CareMerge’s leading-edge engagement solutions joined together under a mutual mission – to equip organizations that support senior citizens with the necessary tools to ensure that Older adults and providers should have the best possible experience with technology. Icon’s mission is to dignify the aging experience with all-in-one communication and engagement software for organizations that support seniors.


This event is hosted by Senior Citizen Housing Business Magazine and produced by the Interface Conference Group of Companies. for more information contact Rich Kelly at 914-309-6954 or Eric Goldberg at 404-832-8262 x 137.

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