by Wayne Allyn Root

We learned many things from last night’s GOP debate.

Donald J. Trump was the biggest winner—by a mile.

At first, he wins by minimizing himself by not coming out and fighting the whole gang wanting his old job. Big win for that brilliant decision.

Second, by not participating, Trump won by taking all the attention away from the contest. A majority of America’s conservative voters didn’t turn out. Instead they saw “Trump on Twitter” – thereby denying anyone at that stage a lead over Trump’s 40-point-plus lead.

Third, I predicted just a few days ago that “Trump on Twitter” would destroy the GOP debate ratings. Trump did not disappoint. More than 170 million people watched Trump’s Tucker interview on Twitter. More people watched Trump than voted for him in the 2020 election! Wonderful.

Fourth, Trump won the biggest prize – he took revenge on Fox News. Trump defeated America’s most powerful cable TV news network on Twitter. Or at least it used to be. Now it’s a shell of its former pro-Trump, pro-Tucker self.

Together, Trump and Tucker have destroyed Fox News. Stick the fork in the fox. The cocky Murdoch sons who grew up in the EU have no idea what real American conservatives think. This is the story that will be studied in business school for decades to come: how two spoiled brats with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” brought daddy’s dynasty to dust in record time.

How about the winner on the actual GOP debate stage? Well, none of them are ever going to catch Trump. So that case is closed after last night. Trump is the nominee. Duration.

But if I have to pick a winner, it is clearly Vivek Ramaswamy.

Does he have any chance to become the President in 2024? No, but he may be the future of the GOP!

I made that exact prediction several months ago when Vivek was a guest on my Real America Voice TV show. I saw that potential in him before anyone else. He was a running joke at the time – with a name no one could pronounce and a 1% poll rating. But I saw “the future of the GOP”. here’s why…

Vivek’s criticism is that “he’s like the GOP version of Obama.” But that’s exactly what the GOP needs. I hate Obama. I believe Obama is the architect of America’s destruction. I believe Obama is the Manchurian candidate – chosen by the Deep State and America’s enemies to destroy this country. But I respect how Obama accomplished it. With a good personality, charisma, great speaker, great personal story, a perfect family including young children, enthusiasm and a big smile. Obama was the ideal salesman for socialism, communism, globalism and the devil. pure evil.

The GOP desperately needs a spirited, MAGA, America First, conservative, capitalist version of Obama. This makes Vivek “our Obama”. He appears to be (so far) on the right side of the Conservatives and Patriots on almost every issue.

Born in America to an immigrant family…young…spirited…talented…well educated…ideal family with young children…great smile…attracting young voters…minority voter …immigrants…educated suburban women…and a successful capitalist businessman who made a lot of money in America. Folks, this is our Obama. what’s wrong with that? Sanity is something the GOP lacks and desperately needs. And you’re complaining?

How are his lines for the night? First Zinger of the Century: “I’m the only person here who hasn’t been bought or paid for by the Deep State.” And then the most important line ever: “Climate change is a scam.” Has a GOP candidate at the highest level ever said that before? This is called “raw truth”. He is a breath of fresh air.

Vivek is the perfect Republican salesman to explain how the climate change agenda will enrich corporations; destroy America with massive debt; eliminate American high-paying jobs; unaffordable energy bills bankrupt the middle class; turn the quality of our lives into misery; And allow China to bypass the US. Vivek can really change the minds of millions of youth.

We need a GOP version of Obama – someone who can appeal to young people, immigrants, minority voters and educated suburban women. Or in future both GOP and America will end.

Vivek presented his side last night.

I’m not naive. I’m a crazy New Yorker. So, I know Vivek needs further investigation. I want him to come back on my real america voice tv show and his scholarship from a relative of soros…his wef award…his views on israel (which are absolutely wrong) and covid vaccine (due to his pharma background ) inquire about in detail. ,

But if his convictions are genuine…if he really is an anti-Deep State candidate…if he really has transitioned from Harvard, Yale Law and WEF laureates into a conservative capitalist who hates the Deep State…

We may have found the future of the GOP and Trump has found his vice president.

Who was the biggest loser last night? DeSantis is fine on many issues, but he is boring and lifeless. All of the other candidates demonstrated just how out of touch the GOP establishment really is on many issues important to the GOP base. And how unfaithful they all are to Trump – the greatest president of my lifetime. Sanity aside, how quickly they forget what Trump did for America and the GOP. They’re all finished – stick a fork in them.

The winners were Trump, Trump, Trump and Trump. With the help of conscience.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as a “conservative warrior”. Watch Wayne’s TV Show – “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV Network Saturdays at Noon ET… and Wayne’s Daily TV Show on Lindell TV 2 at 7 PM ET on He is also the host of the nationally syndicated “Wayne Ellyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” daily at 6 p.m. ET on the USA Audio Network. Wayne’s latest book is the #1 bestseller, “The Great Patriot By-Quote Book.” You can order here:

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