A Virginia teen dropped out of high school and opted to be home-schooled after authorities demanded American flags be removed from his truck.

School asks teenagers to take down flags

daily Mail It was reported that Christopher Hartless told reporters that he had no intention of taking down American flags, as he believes the First Amendment gives him the right to fly flags on his property.

Heartless explained, “My family fought for America and I feel like I should be able to represent the flags they fought for.” Fox 19.

The teen’s stepmother, Christina Kingery, reported that officials at Staunton River High School in Bedford County told her that the American flags displayed on her vehicle were “distracting.”

Heartless lamented, “I don’t understand how distracting it is if they have one on the flag pole that every other student can see.”

Kingry supported his stepson as he fought back.

“I told my son that if that’s what he believed in, we would both stand behind him all the way,” he said.

The school initially warns Heartless, but he refuses to comply and waves the flag. After giving her another warning, school officials revoked her 2023 parking pass.

Kingery explained that she did not want her stepson to ride the school bus, so they decided to home-school him.

Kingery said, “If they’re willing to make a change and let the kids fly the American flag, I’ll put that back in school.”

Learn more about it in the video below.

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the school responds

Bedford County Public Schools has since issued a statement regarding the situation, saying that “large flags or banners are not permitted to be hoisted or displayed on vehicles due to their distracting nature. Please be assured that We proudly fly the American flag throughout the school.

The school did not elaborate on what exactly the “big flag” is.

School board officials later admitted Fox News That the American flag does not violate the student code of conduct.

“Dress that contains language or images that are offensive, profane, obscene, discriminatory or racially/culturally divisive,” they said in a statement. “This shall include Confederate flags, swastikas, KKK references, or any other images that could reasonably be considered offensive or intimidating to others.”

“This does not include wearing clothing with the American flag logo or print on the garment,” he added. “This outfit is allowed. In regards to flags on cars, the Student Parking Agreement, which has been used by all 3 of our high schools for many years, states, ‘Large flags or banners are prohibited from being flown or displayed on vehicles due to their distracting nature. Not allowed.

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The school board claims to be patriotic

school board noting their district’s patriotic policy, saying they ,The American flag is flown proudly throughout the school, and the Pledge of Allegiance is recited every morning.

Although, if they’re so patriotic, maybe they shouldn’t ask kids to take American flags off their cars.

It should be noted that Bedford County is home to National D-Day MemorialWhich makes this situation all the more sad and depressing.

We unfortunately live in times where patriotism is at its peak among the youth All time low, Now more than ever, we should not discourage young people who love this country from proudly displaying the American flag.

Heartless seems like an intelligent young man who has a bright future. We can only hope that his school will back down and allow him to show the world how much he loves America by displaying our flag on his truck.

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