After Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fannie Willis ambitiously requested a March 2024 hearing date for the sweeping election conspiracy case against Donald Trump and 18 of his accomplices, one of those co-defendants made the urgent request. Was: Soon.

on Wednesday, attorneys for Kenneth Chesebro, who is specially charged requested an expedited trial as the mastermind of the fraudulent voter scheme, as is his right by state law. Chesebro will likely be prosecuted by the end of the year, with an indictment expected to take place in September, as Willis had requested. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

The Journal-Constitution compared Chesebro’s request to the legal equivalent of “throwing a bomb into the case”, suggesting that Willis might have to try Chesebro separately from the other 18 defendants – a prosecutor’s nightmare.

Game on, Chesebro. On Thursday, Willis came clean on his hoax and filed a new request for a fraud lawsuit against all 19 defendants, including Trump.Starts October 23, 2023, From the outset, Willis insisted that he was prepared to take action on the whole matter. The new filing stands true to its word.

The possibility of hearing this mammoth case, which has resulted from two years of investigation, is almost zero by October. But what matters from both a legal and a political perspective is that the Willis case is already alienating the interests of Trump’s co-defendants from Trump.

and guess whose lawyer was coughing a delay motion Within hours of Willis’ October request? You read that right: Trump.

Trump is now seeking to separate his case from Chesebro’s. Why? Because facing the music in these election conspiracy cases at the federal or state-level is a political nightmare for Trump. a man who Dedication And then he is silenced in court for weeks while he is cornered by prosecutors and witnesses, but the man is not invincible. he is weak. And allowing Americans to watch the courtroom drama live by network and online outlets across the country will be a factor in the Georgia case. It’s OJ redux on steroids.

That’s why Trump has moved to separate his case not only from Chesebro, but from “any other co-defendant” who takes advantage of his right to request an expedited trial in Georgia.

Stanford Law School Professor David Alan Sklansky Got Intuition Several weeks ago, “His whole thing is to act powerful, to act the big man, and you can’t do that as a criminal defendant sitting in a courtroom while lots of other people talk about you. .. I think for them and their lawyers, the whole game here is delay.”

And for Willis, the entire ballgame is convincing Trump’s co-defendants that the sooner they get away from Trump’s Titanic, the better.

Heckuva job, Chesebro.

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