During an interview last night, former President Donald Trump received a scathing response when Tucker Carlson suggested that a surge in crackdown by Democrats could lead to his assassination.

Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president, opted instead to attend the first GOP debate in Milwaukee, accepting the opportunity to interview Carlson.

Discussion aired on x (formerly Twitter) is the direct opposite of the debate and, at the moment, has over 155 million views.

The pair began discussing late-convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, despite Carlson suggesting that official decision that he committed suicide in a prison cell, “he was murdered.”

The former Fox News host said of the Epstein case, “I think the closer you look, I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all.” “I believe everything I hear.”

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Trump asked: ‘Why won’t they try to kill you?’

From there, Carlson openly mused about the repeated escalation of actions by Democrats against Trump, eventually asking him if he worried it would kill him.

Carlson began, “The reason I’m asking you (about Epstein) is because I’ve been watching the trajectory you’ve had since 2015 when you came into politics, you know, really.”

“And then the victory was achieved, it started with protests against you. There were massive protests, protests organized by the Left and then it went on to impeachment twice,” he continued. “And now the indictment.”

“I mean, the next step is violence… are you worried they’ll try to kill you?” Carlson inquired. “Why won’t they try to kill you? sincerely?”

Trump responded by calling them “wild animals”.

Depending on how you look at Carlson’s comments, “they” could refer to Democrats, or intelligence officials, or both.

“They’re people who are sick, really sick,” Trump answered truthfully.

He then went on to say how there are some very good people in the Democrat Party and that as President he should represent all Americans and not be indebted to any one party.

“I’m everybody’s president, but I’ve seen what they do. I’ve seen how far they’ll go when they make Russia, Russia, Russia,” Trump said.

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Trump: They’ll try to steal it again

Carlson also did not let go of the subject, and again mentioned in his mind the escalation of tasks and its inevitable conclusion.

“You know, what’s the next step after trying to put you in prison for life? It’s not working,” he wondered. “So, like, don’t they have to kill you now?”

Carlson then prompts Trump to explain that if he truly believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen, what is going to happen this time around.

“If you’re saying they stole it from me last time, why won’t they do it this time?” He asked.

“Oh, well, they’ll try. They’re going to try,” he replied. “Yes.”

Trump has long insisted that there was massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election, although no court has yet agreed on the matter.

The former President also said that he would try to do the same Any Republican candidate.

“And not only me, you know… but if anyone else came in besides me, they’d attack him the same way they attacked me,” he guessed. “These people are ill and they will go after them.”

Many would surely agree with what Trump said on this.

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