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Brain implant helped create digital avatar of stroke survivor’s face

news: A woman who lost the ability to speak after a stroke 18 years ago was able to repeat her voice and even express a limited range of facial expressions through a computer avatar. A pair of papers published yesterday in Nature about experiments restoring women’s speech via brain transplants show how quickly this field is moving forward.

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How did they do it: Both teams used recording devices implanted in the brain to capture signals controlling the small movements that provide facial expressions. They then used an AI algorithm to decode them into words, and a language model to adjust for accuracy. A team led by neurosurgeon Edward Chang of the University of California, San Francisco, also managed to capture emotion.

Warnings: The researchers caution that these results may not be valid for other people, and either way, we’re still a long way from the technology being available to the wider public. Still, these proofs of concept are extremely exciting. read full story,

-Cassandra Willard

How new batteries could help you charge your EV faster

news: Chinese battery giant CATL has Unveiled A new fast-charging battery – which the company says can cover up to 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) in 10 minutes. That’s faster than nearly all EV charging today, and CATL claims the new cell, which it plans to commercially produce by the end of 2023, will “herald the era of EV superfast charging.”

why it matters: Although EVs are becoming increasingly popular, drivers may be deterred by concerns about the limited range of their batteries and the need to charge for more than half an hour. Innovation in battery materials, if matched with advances in charging infrastructure, could help mimic the convenience of gas-powered cars and encourage EV adoption. Read full story.

-KC Crownheart

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Must read

I’ve scoured the internet to find you today’s funniest/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 India’s moon landing successful 🚀
Great news for all of us, because it means we’ll learn more about the Moon’s largely unknown south pole. ,reuters,
, Here’s why it’s important, and what’s next. ,wired ,
, India looks to replace Russia as a space power, ,quartz ,

Greece is battling the biggest wildfires ever
It has to deal with multiple fire incidents occurring simultaneously across the country. ,NYT ,
, Why was the Lahaniya forest fire so terrible? ,wired ,
, Locals say the blaze broke out after firefighters ‘contained’ the blaze. ,NYT ,
, G20 pledges to end fossil fuel subsidies – then quadruples them, ,quartz ,
, Norway has opened the world’s largest floating wind farm. ,reuters,

3 Google Is Trying To Get It Through Both AI And Copyright
It’s acknowledging that composers deserve payment for their data…but not publishers. ,ledge,
, Some of the most complex questions about AI will be answered in court. ,WSJ ,
, How judges, not politicians, can dictate America’s AI regulations. ,MIT Technology Review,

4 Nvidia posted extremely strong financial results
It is now the sixth most valuable public company in the world as it benefits from the AI ​​boom. ,WP ,

5 AI Is Everywhere…Yet Nowhere
CEOs talk a good game, but delving into the details has had no real impact on most companies. ,feet ,
, Artificial intelligence is making inroads in health care. We shouldn’t let it make all the decisions. ,MIT Technology Review,

6 Instagram Is Still Filled With Criminal Activity
It is not only failing to regulate the sale of guns, drugs and counterfeit cash – it is actively promoting and profiting from it. ,404 Media,

7 tiktok shop is a waste of money in america
But it remains to be seen whether the $500 million spent so far this year is actually a loss or an investment. ,Information ,

8 How to talk to your kids about social media
First step? Set a good example yourself. ,wired ,
, How to log off ,MIT Technology Review,

9 It’s Official: GIFs Aren’t Cool Nowadays
I am also disappointed like you. ,Guardian,

10 Netflix has given up on asking for their DVDs back
If you still have a DVD player, you still have a while to get some free discs. ,Vocal,

Today’s thought

“They’re going to grow up in a world where that’s the norm.”

—Yazmin Bahena, a middle school social studies teacher, tells the New York Times why she thinks it’s better to ban schools than teach students how to use AI tools.

big story

Next task for messenger RNA could be bigger than Covid vaccines

February 2021

Multiple Covid vaccines have been created and tested in less than a year thanks to an unproven technology created 20 years ago: messenger RNA.

Researchers hope that in the near future, better flu vaccines against herpes and malaria could also be produced from shots that deliver temporary instructions in cells.

But researchers also see a future beyond vaccines. He believes the technology will allow for cheap gene fixes for cancer, sickle cell disease and perhaps HIV. read full story,

-Antonio Regalado

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