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The Democrats have an example in their ongoing war on the Constitution – conservative America’s reverence for the concept of the rule of law.

Only their steadfast commitment to this traditional ideal explains why conservatives are allowing Democrats to openly corrupt our judicial system in order to destroy their opponents and protect themselves. Despite all their grumbling and puffing, the Conservatives have effectively taken a step let the system run automatically attitude while Democrats nakedly politicize that system through their partisan indictments of former President Trump and the Bidens’ Potemkin Village investigation. These are not statements of opinion. These are facts.

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I am glad that so many legal analysts have spilled so much ink to expose these gimmicks. But when we view this unspeakable behavior with anything other than appalling contempt, we let our country and ourselves down. Every good-faith criticism normalizes and legitimizes this grossly un-American conspiracy.

Seeing the clear forest rather than the tangled trees, the cases against Trump are a continuation of a fraudulent effort by Democrats and their deep state allies, particularly those in the DOJ, to eliminate his main political rival. The effort began before her election when Hillary Clinton’s campaign made false claims that Trump conspired with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election. When that charade was exposed, they almost immediately made Trump the country’s third president to be impeached for asking the leader of Ukraine to look into the Biden family’s influence-campaigning schemes. In rushing to impeach him once again after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, he bypassed almost every rule and order of business. While this was going on, Democrats continually rattled off other bogus concerns—that he was violating the perquisites clause because wealthy foreigners were staying at his hotels, that his alleged mental instability made him ineligible for removal from office. had made

The hypocrisy is beyond belief: The party that attacks Republicans for questioning the integrity of the highly irregular 2020 election spent years and vast government resources undoing the results of 2016.

The charges now facing Trump are part of an ongoing campaign by Democrats to destroy the rule of law, which they see as the greatest threat to their power.

Meanwhile, Democrats are openly using the criminal justice system to protect President Biden. It is now beyond dispute that Biden lied to the American people when he said he never discussed foreign trade with his son Hunter and when he claimed during his final 2020 debate with Trump that Hunter’s laptop, which contained evidence of those corrupt transactions, was a “Russian plant.” Has any candidate ever spread a more consequential lie?

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In fact, the president was not only aware of his son’s influence-promoting schemes, whose only selling point was his connection to enormous power. He was an active participant in phone calls and meetings with clients. Ironically, the cynicism of the Democrats’ decision to impeach Trump for asking Ukraine to investigate this corruption has not been shown.

The cover-up of Biden’s conduct is equally troubling. The US attorney assigned to the case in Delaware, David C. Weiss, is a former aide of Biden’s late son Beau. Although the allegations of tax avoidance involved are straightforward, Weiss reportedly spent more than five years looking into them – causing the statute of limitations to expire on millions of unreported income Hunter generated in 2014 and 2015. Note that even as the President has called on Americans to pay their fair share, neither he nor his aides have called for Hunter to pay his fair share.

Indeed, we only know about Weiss’ corruption because of two daring IRS whistleblowers. In response, Weiss immediately made a deal with Hunter to settle the matter, crafting a deal that would have let him off the hook with a slap on the wrist. All would have been forgiven but for the presiding judge, who last month dismissed the deal as “not standard” and potentially unconstitutional.

In response to the scandal, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Weiss as special counsel to look into the disturbance. The move goes beyond brazenness — Weiss is now clearly in charge of investigating his own misconduct. The goal is clear: to protect the president, and allow the statute of limitations to expire on other alleged crimes while shutting down any questions about the “ongoing investigation.”

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Ego is amazing; Chaos is in plain sight. The Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their malice – that’s part of their method. If they can force us to acknowledge their authority to bend the system so that it is no longer an instrument of justice but a tool of their political power, then their possibilities are limitless.

Imagine if the roles were reversed: What if Republican prosecutors had convicted a former Democratic president, who was also the party’s leading candidate in the next election, on 91 dubious charges in four separate cases, while the GOP-controlled The Justice Department had simultaneously protected his post-President Boss, who was seeking re-election by slow-moving investigations into his family’s alleged crimes?

The corporate media will be furious about this attack on the Constitution and the streets will be filled with leftist protesters who will BLM riot, attack the Capitol on January 6th and harass Supreme Court Justices in response. until the turn of Roe v. Wade Looks lightweight.

Here’s the puzzle. While no one wants conservatives to start engaging in direct action, their inaction is allowing Democrats to weaponize the government. On the one hand, I admire their faith in our system. Even Trump, for all his whining, has largely capitulated to his egregious misbehavior.

But our system is broken. The rule of law has now become more of a concept than a fact. Where is the outrage?

J. Peder Zane is a RealClearInvestigations editor and columnist. He previously served as book review editor and book columnist for the News & Observer (Raleigh), where his writing won several national honors. Zane has also worked at The New York Times and taught writing at Duke University and St. Augustine’s University.

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