It will surprise no one in the world of thought that while former President Donald J. Trump is bragging about a “blockbuster” interview whose Tucker Carlson interview can be viewed 200 million times, the reality is very different.

‘Views’ exceeded 200 million.

To be fair to Trump, who is to be arrested on this day, Elon Musk privately runs the app formerly known as Twitter, also bragging about the best engagement he’s ever seen while providing no actual data to support those claims. So there’s no doubt that Musk sold Trump Lots of delusional talk about X/Twitter, and Trump is nothing if not willing to believe anything that makes him feel good. The view count is pretty incredible, over 200 million last time I checked. But the “see” numbers are meaningless.


wrap Analyzing exactly why these numbers are misleading, the first noted that views are counted as “‘anyone logged in to Twitter who views a Tweet counts as a view'”. … in other words, a view is counted, even if you didn’t actively view the post…even if it crossed your screen while you were scrolling. Which, by the way, is what X’s algorithm “for u” tab… especially if that tweet contains content from users that Twitter owner Elon Musk wants to promote personally.

There’s more, but the point is that Elon can count a view any way he wants, and it doesn’t really mean that something was seen. Perhaps, it was seen flying as it was delivered to all users. That counts as a “view”. Just as Musk uses Twitter to push his own account to all users, as well as other far right-wing content that is often abusive and hate-filled, Carlson’s “show” is pushed on Twitter.

The Wrap says the bottom line is that “Twitter “views” tell us nothing about the popularity or virality of a given post, because views are not correlated with how much actual engagement the post received.” Is.”

The actual engagement numbers “tell a very different story… (i) If we consider that engagement is a more likely means of achieving accurate counts than passive “views”, then Interviews will almost certainly be “everything on Wednesday night”. did not dominate television programming”, “even though ratings were halved by Trump’s absence, as Brian Stelter had predicted.”

and it’s not just the rap, forbes The figures were also said to be misleading, and by the time Forbes checked the facts, “views” had now “over 150 million”.

Forbes says that the number of views no longer means anything other than the number of logged-in users who have seen the tweet. (As noted in the rap, Elon pushes the content he wants to push.) Here’s the key info, “X used to make video view counts public, but it appears It got rid of that feature in May – and even then, it referred to the number of people who watched at least two seconds of a video with at least 50% of the video player in focus, rather than the entire video. The Trump and Carlson videos are actually viewed by far fewer users than the number of tweet views.

As of 7 a.m. Thursday, “with 148,000 reposts and 536,800 likes, the number of direct engagements with the post far outnumbered the number of views.”

some more numbers

Trump has 6.38M followers on Truth Social. Trump lost the election to President Joe in 2020 Biden, but he got 74,223,369 votes. It is a stretch to believe that he is suddenly being watched by more people than voted for him in 2020 before he was a 4x convicted criminal defendant, on a platform that is not used by many .

Tucker Carlson’s low book sales is just another example of the hazy veil of real world vs. illusion clouding X/Twitter these days.

In the end, Trump is a blatant egotist who appeared on a “show” hosted by a man whose arrogance got him fired from the network on which he took a new platform to spread outrageous lies about the 2020 election. which is owned by a known person. To advance conspiracies and claim that he has accomplished things that did not happen.

Denying the Real Numbers Landed Trump on the Road to Arrest Today

We’re unlikely to ever get real numbers from this group, after all, lying about the numbers is what got Trump arrested today.

Who won here? Well, Trump refused to participate in a debate hosted by the RNC, while everyone at the debate was required to sign a pledge to support him if he was nominated. Trump definitely won last night in the sense of attracting Republican voters and dominating the Republican primary, but he didn’t do it because he was on X/Twitter. Not many of his supporters are even on X/Twitter. Trump won last night because he owns the Republican Party, and it was evident on stage last night by the Mini-Me Trumpers feigning ignorance and endorsing Putin.

It doesn’t really matter how many people “watched” Tucker Carlson’s interview with the former president, because those views are misleading propaganda and have no correlation to actual voting. What the visual numbers are good for is what Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson need most: publicity.

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