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This article was written by Swedish freelance journalist Peter Emanuelsson, also known as PeterSweden. you can follow him here,

He had shared a news of mine on the same day the police arrived at his door.

First a word of warning. This story you’re about to read is worse than you think.

I did not believe that this could happen in a democracy. This should never happen in a democracy. But then again, I’m starting to ask myself if we’re really still living in a democracy.

let’s start from the beginning…

It is about a Norwegian man named Trond Harald Haaland. He has long been outspoken about things like the World Economic Forum, climate change and vaccine passports. he has Posted So much for the excess mortality we’re seeing after the advent of mRNA vaccines.

In other words, this is a person who doesn’t believe the mainstream media narrative. He thinks about himself. And he has been actively criticizing the Norwegian health system for what happened during the pandemic.

Among other things, earlier this year he sent a letter to a very senior doctor in his area, demanding a stop to Covid vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 years.

now someone did anonymously informed of He was referred to the police for being “mentally unstable”. We don’t know who he was. Could be anyone. It may have been an Antifa extremist who reported him, for all we know.

The police then contacted the health system based on this anonymous tip.

All it took was for two “health care workers” and two uniformed police officers to arrive at his door and forcibly drag the man away and lock him up in a physiotric ward.

What was the justification for such drastic measures?

Because he was posting “conspiracy theories” on Facebook. Talking about conspiracy theories such as mRNA vaccines and excessive deaths, Klaus Schwab, and he does not believe in man-made climate change.

had a senior doctor it To say about the issue:

“He doesn’t post when he is healthy and stable and has no interest in these topics [climate skepticism, covid vaccine skepticism among other things], This is not the normal behavior he is displaying now, considering how he is when he is healthy. He is still secretive and suspicious.”

In other words, according to the doctor, the man is not “healthy” when he’s posting about things like telling kids to stop getting the mRNA vaccine and not believing the official narrative about climate change.

Oh, So Did This Doctor Read Her Facebook Posts? No, the doctor didn’t even have a Facebook account!

So on July 19, the police arrived at his doorstep to drag him away. I looked at his Facebook profile to see what he posted. And to my surprise, he shared one of my posts on the same day he was jailed for being “mentally unstable”!

I posted about France passing a new law allowing officers to remotely activate the cameras, microphones and GPS on suspects’ phones.

Trond Harald Haaland shared my post with his own comment:

“Probably has done this for a long time. Snowden knew about it. What if they hack your phone… follow you and you can never prove it to anyone and be declared insane, they can do some crazy things… no one trust you Will do They can do it all day long…maybe anyone has experienced this?’

The day she posted this, the police came to her door and forced her to lock it.

During the time he was in jail, some very disturbing things happened to him. Something that should not happen in a democracy.

He was not allowed to go outside and get fresh air, as he “didn’t want to be here”. His counsel had also requested that he be present when the senior doctor has a meeting with his client, but he was refused.

So let’s summarize what happened.

  1. The person posts things critical of the mainstream on social media.
  2. An unknown person informed the police about this.
  3. The police report him to the health system.
  4. The day he shared one of my posts about government surveillance, two “health care workers” and two police officers arrived at his door.
  5. They drag him away and forcibly lock him up.
  6. He doesn’t get fresh air.
  7. He is not allowed to have his lawyer present in any meeting.

Ultimately, after being detained for 9 days, the man was released when the jury of the Control Commission for Physiographic Health Services ruled that there was no justification for forcibly detaining him.

That’s why its closure was declared illegal. obviously.

But the fact that this could happen in the beginning, and he was put off for 9 days, is extremely worrying.

If they can do it with her, they can do it with other people.

And this is not a new thing. In fact, in the Soviet Union they actively tortured political dissidents and locked them up in mental hospitals, because “health experts” assumed that their political opinions meant they were “mentally unstable”. .

It was a way for the Communists to lock up dissidents and people who opposed their tyrannical rule.

And it seems to be happening again. This man was locked in a psych ward for the crime of posting a political opinion contrary to the mainstream narrative.

You can read in more detail about the political persecution of dissidents in the Soviet Union in my in-depth article Here.

Of course no one is talking about this in the mainstream media. Only a few alternative news sites in Norway are talking about it.

So please share this article everywhere you go to help spread the message – spread it far and wide!

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