If you wanted to see anything other than the usual dismal performance in the first Republican debate, consider this a life lesson. Political debates have gotten increasingly dull all night every year since the invention of television, and you can blame the network heads for that. You usually only need the first two minutes or so to gauge how big a car accident will be on a particular evening. The more the opening song-and-dance with drones circling around the auditorium resembles the intro to a sports broadcast, the worse the questions. The moment any of the commentators starts talking in metaphors like “tale of the tape” or “punching above their weight”, you know that He Talking head is going to be a big bag of nonsense.

You know, we have realtime dial technology. There’s no good reason why the pundits brought in between debate segments can’t be wired, so that anyone who thinks choosing national leaders is just another game of stupid football has got a mighty lightning strike. A blow can be given. If a running player drops the ball, he may have to forfeit the game. If a disabled person is elected to the presidency, it could lead to 1 million deaths and start a new grassroots movement to bring back polio.

I’m so glad your graphics department came up with another rousing song-and-dance to start things off, every network that’s ever hosted these things, but what if next time we go a little over the polio part? focus more and less Passion,

campaign action

Many pundits are being pressured to declare an absentee Donald Trump the “winner” of the debate based on the dullness of everyone else’s performances, and I’m not seeing it. If anything, debate night proved that Republicanism can actually very well move forward without ever mentioning Trump again — which of course begs the question of why they’re already done with it. did not come You want anti-immigrant hate? Republicans have that. Do you want ignorant blohardism? Check out the Elon Musk impersonator. That man can look at a magazine on the toilet and come away thinking he is more expert in everything he reads than all the other people who do this for a living put together. Supposedly, Musk was Ramaswamy was praised fiercely after the debate,

If you’re an intolerable godfather, you have Mike Pence, who without hesitation is ready to channel Jesus Christ himself to tell you how talented Pence is while mom looks up to him in reverence. If you want a chunky ass, Chris Christie is your guy. Nikki Haley is for fans of tactical evasiveness, and Ron DeSantis is the fool who grew up thinking he’d be America’s Julius Caesar, but finds out the general public already has one. Very Many people in their families and at their work place like it and are not particularly interested in adding any more.

Trump brought racism, lies and genderqueer jokes to the party last fall, and it turns out the party can do just fine without the genderqueer jokes. If tomorrow Trump is silenced because of a bad cheeseburger or his inability to comply with his bail conditions, the Republican base will soon forget he ever existed. When it all ended, no one was discussing Trump’s alleged counter-programming. man joked his way through a question about a new civil war On the channel Elon and yet, no one cared.

Oh, but Trump contributed to the debate even in his absence. His name and his horrifically violent coup attempt gave us the key moment of the debate: when the candidates were asked whether they would still support Trump as the presidential candidate of Republicanism, even if he were convicted of anti-American conspiracy. All but one of these deadly fools replied. They looked at each other in shame and raised their hands fearfully. This, yes, includes the person who spent a week in the intensive care unit. Donald Trump Gave Him COVIDAnd a man who had to flee from a riotous mob that was Trump’s direct target Him,

This once again makes a mockery of all the flags that the candidates flaunt around them during every public appearance. If it’s a choice between insulting the part of the Republican base that supports a violent coup or supporting Trump’s perceived right to commit any crime, The Donald may vent his anger on every flag in the country And they will salute them for doing so. Even Pence doesn’t think that sending a violent, police-assaulting mob after him is something that should disqualify a person from being given the power to try again.

Well, fascism is always so pathetic. The reason for the excessive focus on perceived masculinity is that its adherents are dull, disoriented and powerless in their lives. Extremism is a way of redeeming itself by substituting state-sanctioned violence for its lack of success and courage. You’ve got a forum full of the most ambitious so-called patriots in the county. They think that if they agree that a person should be disqualified from the presidency for attempting to overthrow the damn government, then doing so publicly would be a very risky proposition.

So no, none of those raising their hands will “stand up” to Vladimir Putin, or Chinese human rights abuses, or take a tough stand on cracking down on journalists. They also can’t digest being up against a pretentious ex-reality television star who has spent his entire life believing he can personally break whatever law he wants. They will be Oval Office chair-warmers, signing their names on whatever their donor lobbyists place on their desks.

Much of the debate went on to show that the problem with Republicanism is that even Republicans don’t believe in Republicanism. The candidates lied their best in an attempt to stoke anti-abortion sentiment, and even candidate-provided hyper-partisan crowds drew only token applause. It’s a small group of Americans who have invested themselves in banning abortion, and the party still doesn’t seem to realize that even their own base doesn’t want the kind of theocracy that Republican political figures have promised them. Have done All the talk of patriotism, liberty and the rule of law was nothing more than a hollow joke, when the question arose of what to do if the Republican Party were to be booked for felony conspiracy charges, it was over immediately. Went.

Questions on climate change and the required response landed with wet thunder and general evasiveness. Fox tries to stoke Fox’s general hatred of immigrants with a question that was mainly intended to give DeSantis one more chance to say that he would simply call them drug dealers and start shooting them all, but Select viewers didn’t want as much blood as Fox. He appears to have assumed that he did. Ramaswamy launches into another round of techbro self-praise on the question of defending democracy in Europe at what appears to be the precise moment that everyone else on stage decided to change their fake hatred towards this pompous little thing. Will give New lifelong passion. Fox dutifully did Ask a Really Stupid Question to cap off the night; This time it was about UFOs and was so silly that the moderator, the candidates and the audience all panicked as soon as the question came up.

It was a good caper because it emphasized that there is nothing more left to ask in America. Maybe a little carelessness in the last few minutes will end.

Re: Nihilism. It was all just another evening of dreary nihilism, with a cheesy opening and a lot of whining and no real principles to pin your flag on. This is a party that has lost its way, a set of demonstrations that even the most partisan crowd begins to tire of. There must be a lesson in there, but there is no one left in the party capable of finding it.

We talk about the upcoming Republican presidential debate and how sad it is. The Republican Party shot itself in the foot with a Trump-shaped bullet and now it’s stuck with them for the foreseeable future. We’re still trying to figure out the possible avenues the Republican field could take to get rid of The Donald.

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