President Biden and the First Lady arrive in Maui

A California The woman has become the first tourist to die in the devastating incident Maui Forest fire Which has killed 115 people.

Maui Theresa Cook, 72, was among eight more people identified as victims this week by county officials.

The total number of identified victims stands at 21, while the unconfirmed list of missing has risen to 1,100 names, two weeks after a deadly fire ripped through the historic Hawaiian town of Lahaina.

Officials have confirmed 115 deaths following the deadliest incident Forest fire in more than a century United States of america,

He also urged relatives of the missing to come forward and provide DNA samples, saying the small number provided so far risked hindering efforts to identify any remains found in the ashes.

chairman Joe Biden And First Lady Jill Biden met with first responders and survivors on Monday and promised that the federal government would be with them “as long as needed” to rebuild the community.

Survivors were also expressing fear of a possible wave of land grabs by realtors and investors that could push Hawaiian locals off the island.


WATCH: Maui locals flee to sea to escape Hawaii’s wildfires

Hawaii: Maui locals flee to sea to escape wildfires

Lewis Boyle24 August 2023 06:11


California woman identified as aerial fire victim

A California The woman has become the first tourist to die in the devastating incident Maui Wildfire in which 115 people have died.

Maui County officials named Theresa Cook, 72, among eight more people identified as victims this week.

Stuti Mishra24 August 2023 05:54


GOP criticized for trying to make news about Biden raising dog in Hawaii

Social media accounts of the Republican National Committee tried to make dog keeping a major issue during President Joe Biden’s tenure Airport visit, the White House retreated a bit.

RNC Research on Monday TweetedBiden gets distracted by a dog: “That’s some hot ground, man!” The tweet was posted alongside a video of the president petting a golden retriever while talking to a FEMA worker amid deadly wildfires in Hawaii.

In response, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates called out the Republican account in defense of Mr. Biden, Write: “He is petting one of the dogs who are hard at work searching for remains so that survivors who have lost their loved ones can bring relief.”

Lewis Boyle24 August 2023 05:05


How did the Hawaii wildfires start?

At least 115 people were killed and hundreds are still missing Forest fire There was an uproar in the Hawaiian island of Maui.

The deadliest fires in the US in the past century have raged on three of Hawaii’s islands, forcing visitors to flee and residents to seek emergency shelters.

Search and recovery efforts began as firefighters worked to contain and extinguish the blaze.

On August 21, President Joe Biden traveled to the Hawaiian Islands to meet with first responders and survivors as the state began rebuilding efforts in the wake of the disaster. But the question still remains as to how the fire started in the first place and how such disasters can be prevented in the future.

Here’s everything we know about how the Hawaii wildfires started.

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America is ‘sad with you’, Biden tells Hawaii as he surveys Maui wildfire devastation

Joe Biden told Airport that the rest of the United States “sad with you” as he and the First Lady surveyed the devastation of the flood Maui Wildfire earlier this week.

Mr Biden, who has been criticized for his administration’s response to the historic fire, met with first responders in Lahaina before making remarks next to the famous and still-standing banyan tree.

“The country grieves with you, stands with you and will do whatever it takes to help you rebuild,” the president said.

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WATCH: Maui Alert on Relief Donation Scams

Maui relief donation scam

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Maui wildfire victims: First IDs released after Hawaii disaster

“We are sorry that we have suffered so much,” Airport Governor Josh Green said during a news conference on Tuesday.

Mr Green said he expected the death toll to rise every day as recovery teams and cadaver dogs continued to search the burned area in Lahaina. Maui, Even as the death toll rises, only a few of the 111 have been identified.

One of the reasons for this is that several bodies were found in Lahaniya after wildfires spread rapidly in the state.

A mobile morgue unit arrived to help Hawaii officials identify remains, as teams continued to search more areas that had turned to ash.

Mr Green asked people who lost loved ones to submit their DNA to help identify victims. Read more

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Pictured: The aftermath of the devastating wildfires in Lahaina, Hawaii

A general view shows the aftermath of a devastating wildfire in Lahaina, Hawaii, on August 22, 2023

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Maui residents are still reeling from the devastation of the wildfires. Now investors and realtors are trying to cash in

fast forward a few days later Forest fire burst into Maui, AirportResidents were heartbroken to see the rest of their homes, businesses and lives reduced to ashes.

Thousands of people are without shelter and their possessions, as about 80 percent of structures in the city of Lahaina have been damaged or completely destroyed.

Worse, a large number of people are forced to mourn the untimely death of loved ones who were unable to escape the fire before it engulfed the neighborhood.

But the same people who are grappling with huge losses and trying to figure out how to move forward are reportedly being forced to defend their remaining land and grief as investors and realtors take the plunge. Trying to take advantage of the disaster.

Lahaina resident Tyre Lawrence said, “I am very disappointed with the inventors and realtors who have offered to buy their land for the families who lost their homes.” said in a video On Attorney General. Read more

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WATCH: Maui residents grapple with wildfire devastation

Maui residents grapple with wildfire devastation

Lewis BoyleAugust 23, 2023 22:04

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