House Republicans reportedly nominated their presidential candidate and defendant, former President Donald J. are plotting to weaponize their vulnerable majority by interfering with Trump’s Fulton County investigation, which will likely be launched the same day he surrenders to be arrested. ,

On Thursday, the day Trump is to surrender under arrest in Fulton County, Georgia, the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee is expected to “open a congressional investigation against Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis as soon as Thursday.” A source told. CNN,

Without any evidence on which to base this investigation and without a vague scope on the state investigation, the Republican-led committee is scrambling to sniff out any suggestive signs they can sell their conspiracy-filled premise that is a Can explain, forgive and justify others. Trump indicted by Democrats as a conspiracy of oppression. They plan to do this by investigating – even though Willis has already told them it did not happen – whether Willis coordinated with Special Counsel Jack Smith and whether any federal funds were used in the state-level investigation of Trump. it was done.

House under Republican to investigate DA who prosecuted Donald Trump. CNN reported that the investigation “mirrors the same investigation Republicans used to investigate Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who accused Trump of falsifying business records to cover up an alleged secret money scheme in New York.” was convicted.”

What CNN didn’t say is that It is a crime for Congress to interfere in ongoing criminal cases and investigations.

When trying to intervene in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan was told that it was illegal for House Republicans to use the Judiciary Committee to interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation or trial. is a crime.

Representative Jordan has also tried to intervene in Jack Smith’s federal cases against Trump.

In both instances, Jordan was essentially asked to pound sand by law enforcement.

Republicans falsely denounce the weaponization of the government as a way to cover up Donald Trump’s many alleged crimes. Weaponizing government means using the resources and power of government for partisan purposes, and House Republicans are doing exactly that.

The difference between the four impeachments of Donald J. Trump and all of the House-led investigations into those investigations is that there was clearly a mountain of evidence that we all saw when Trump and his team tried to steal the election. . Evidence cannot be denied. It eventually had to be adopted to protect the rights of Americans to have their votes counted.

Furthermore, in this instance, the House Judiciary Committee is tasked with overseeing the administration of justice within the federal courts, federal administrative agencies, and federal law enforcement entities. The Fulton County case is not in federal court. However, several defendants have tried to take it to federal court.

These House Republicans are not working for the good of the people of this country; They are working as political campaign agents for Trump’s re-election in 2024. However, in doing so, they are also using the power of the government to harass and intimidate prosecutors who are working on behalf of the people.

The fact is that Donald J. Trump and his team and many of these House Republicans tried to steal votes from the majority of the American people, including attempting a violent insurrection. There is no defense for this, and it is reprehensible that House Republicans are being paid by the American people to harass law enforcement who stand up for the American people.

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