Former ISRO Chairman K Kasturirangan has said that Chandrayaan-3’s landing on the Moon reflects India’s leadership position in space technologies, ensuring that the country will no longer be denied access to such advancements as Has been happening in the past.

Kasturirangan, who played a key role in planning the Moon mission during his tenure as ISRO chairman, stressed the growing importance of space capabilities in international affairs.

With the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3, India will secure its role in all decision-making processes related to space.

in an interview with Indian ExpressKasturirangan highlighted the importance of India’s landing capability on the Moon.

He said this achievement puts India at the forefront of space technology and guarantees its participation in future planetary exploration and resource extraction from space.

“We are naturally part of the club that creates future policies,” Kasturirangan said.

“This is important because in the past we have had to bear the brunt of being excluded from such clubs. We have been denied access to technology in nuclear energy, space and other critical areas. We were excluded because we didn’t have our own capabilities and we were dependent in some ways. The moon landing changes it permanently,” he said. Said,

He said that space capabilities will play an important role in shaping international relations in the 21st century.

Kasturirangan said, “The important thing is that we should be able to participate and contribute on equal terms…and play a more decisive role in international decision-making processes related to space. Chandrayaan-3 will give us the confidence and capability.” Is.”

According to the former ISRO chairman, deep space exploration will receive significant attention in the 21st century and India is well positioned to make a significant contribution.

As one of the few countries to successfully land on the Moon, especially in the challenging polar regions, India “must become an active participant in this endeavour”.

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