in this episode of Pro AV Todayhost ben thomas Explores how audiovisual technology is changing the way we approach wellness. with special guest Chris Quisien From avi-splChaired by ABLE Group and their Core Plus team, the discussion delves into the innovative applications of technology and AV in areas such as personal healthcare, ergonomic design, ADA compliant experiences and more.

Quesien shares his personal journey from contractor to core plus team member at AVI-SPL and his battle with Crohn’s disease. He emphasizes how his experiences with technology and gaming helped him achieve relaxation and fueled his passion for wellness and technology.

The talk explores the various applications of AV in empowering individuals with disabilities, creating a more inclusive and conscious workplace, and supporting the mental and physical well-being of employees. From soundscape therapy to ergonomic technology, Quisien offers an inspiring look at the future of AV in the wellness sector, focusing on relaxation, integration and connection.

The episode also addresses the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and understanding the unique needs of end users. By using AV to level the playing field and enhance the human experience, the industry has the potential to overcome feelings of isolation, promote empowerment and create a positive impact on lives.

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