Published 2 weeks ago by The Gateway Pundit Our Special Report on Widespread 2020 Voter Registration Fraud Which our sources revealed in Michigan.

The report included information on 8,000–10,000 fake registrations and a police raid on the office of a Democrat election registration group in October 2020.

Police found semi-automatic weapons, silencers, burner phones, bags of pre-paid cash cards and empty registrations at GBI Strategies’ voter registration manufacturing center.

After several days the Michigan Attorney General finally responded to our explosives inquiry and Confirmed Our previous reports

We are constantly receiving feedback from individuals with intimate knowledge of this scam.

Photos from a confidential source connected to the Muskegon investigation reveal what far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel now admits This is a pile of fake and fraudulent voter application forms With the return address at the Staybridge Hotel, the base of operations for GBI Strategies in 2020 which sent at least ten thousand fake voter registration applications for the election.

These photos and sources confirm that Muskegon Clerk Ann Meesh received these voter applications and received them in several batches, sometimes via mail and sometimes in person.

This is probably why Muskegon, the far-left AG Nessel, and the FBI don’t want to give Gateway Pundit access to the files: because voter fraud is so obvious that everyone The voter’s signature is in the same handwriting and is only a printed signature, not the actual signature.

The fraud here is so obvious that even an FBI agent can spot it.

Why is no one being prosecuted for these crimes after three years? Muskegon Police told The Gateway Pundit that they could not answer their phone calls to the FBI regarding this matter.

The extent to which voter fraud is widespread across the state is currently being suppressed by the FBI as it enters its third year of an ‘investigation’ into voter fraud in ‘the most secure and safe election in history’.

Alleged fraudulent registrations sent by mail to the Michigan Clerk’s office weeks before the 2020 election.

Yet the Muskegon GOP has produced a report of grimirregularities‘ 2020 Muskegon County voter file shows 32,000 more voters than usual in voter list,

Left-wing extremist Nessel claims it proves the system works, as this large batch of fake voter registration forms was caught and Allegedly Never processed in the state’s eligible voter file.

But if that were true, why are Muskegon officials illegally denying Gateway Pundit access to public documents? Only by looking at the fake applications, the public will be able to know whether the names of the voters have been added to the voter list or not.

If the forms are fake, why has no prosecution been filed and why is the City Attorney claiming it ‘contains personal information’, but if the forms are from actual voters, why are they not enrolled in the voter file, why No. They are being treated as public documents, and why is Nessel calling them fraud? it can’t be both, Did the Michigan State Police or FBI conduct an honest investigation of these voter applications?

The Muskegon Police Department’s own files show that the GBI was not only operating in Muskegon, they were also active across the state and in several other battleground states. Only in Muskegon was he caught by Clerk Ann Meesh and investigated by the upright Muskegon Police Department. Police tell The Gateway Pundit they stand behind their full report,

Elsewhere in Michigan, there are currently no reports of GBI Strategies rejecting their fraudulent voter application batches.

Mainstream media initially tried to deny that the story was accurate, then said it was old news. A short local news report mentions, He then said that this is proof that the system is working and praised Dana Nessel for referring it to the FBI. To deny, to ridicule, to belittle, to minimize, to accept silently.

What they fail to report is the scale of the operations involved, and GBI received millions of dollars from the Biden campaignand connection to Leftist Billionaires Running Money Through Nonprofits For illegally electing a Democrat. msm also ignores explosives police report Muskegon gives a detailed description of what was happening from the police: including the automatic weapons suspiciously present at the site, as well as bags of preloaded credit cards that were being used to exchange signatures and votes for voters in an unfair and illegal way. possibly suggest illegal payments.

The media also ignores the fact that Dana Nessel referred the entire case to the FBI, which the FBI had already done. Allegedly I have been working on this case since 2020. was she mentioning it to him again, Did she forget that they were already working on the case, or maybe they weren’t even answering her phone calls?

Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes in 2016, and lost Michigan by 155,000 votes in 2020, but the 2020 election has since been in great doubt, as hundreds of eyewitnesses have claimed he saw serious, if not substantial, voter fraud. Have seen

Gateway Pundit has done more investigation Three weeks On Muskegon Voter Fraud by GBI Strategies as much as the FBI was able to three years,

But of course, America already knew that the FBI was a joke!

Thanks to Patty McMurray, Ben Wetmore, Phil O’Halloran and Lori Skibo for their contributions to these reports.

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