During the first GOP debate for the 2024 presidential race, a key question was posed to the low-polling Republican candidates: Will they continue to support former President Donald Trump as the party’s nominee, even if he is voted down by the court? Have you been convicted?

The first GOP presidential debate for the 2024 election is tonight from 9 to 11 p.m. Eastern in Milwaukee.

The evening’s moderator and Fox News anchor Brett Baer asked the presidential candidates, “You’ve all signed a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee. If former President Trump is convicted in court, would you still support him as your party’s choice? Please raise your hand if you wish.”

Earlier this year, the Republican National Committee (RNC) urged all GOP primary candidates to commit to supporting the eventual nominee.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel clarified that the pledge is a prerequisite for participating in the GOP’s first primary debate in Milwaukee.

McDaniel told CNN host Dana Bash, “If you’re going to ask voters to support you on the Republican National Committee debate stage, you should say, ‘I’m going to support voters and who are they going to vote for. choose as’.” ,

He said, “Anyone who comes to the debate stage of the Republican National Committee should be able to say, ‘I will support the will of the voters and the final candidate of our party.’

On Wednesday night, one by one, the candidates raised their hands, symbolizing their allegiance to the party’s choice, even if that choice was former President Trump in the wake of his legal conviction.


Ron DeSantis was one of the last candidates to raise his hand when asked to endorse Trump.

Only one candidate, Asa Hutchinson, abstained from raising his hand. His decision not to publicly endorse Trump in the given scenario made a clear statement about his stance, setting him apart from his fellow candidates.

Asa Hutchinson said, “I’m not going to support anyone who has been convicted of a serious crime or who has been disqualified under our constitution and that’s in line with the RNC rules and I hope everyone will support me.” would agree.”

Last month, Asa Hutchinson said it was “unfair” for his GOP opponents to discuss pardoning former President Donald Trump after he was convicted in federal court.

“There should be no discussion on this during the presidential campaign. You don’t resort to apologies to get votes,” he said. Hutchinson said during an event, “… anyone who promises a pardon during a presidential campaign is not serving our justice system well and it is unfair.” Interview with CBS.

Meanwhile, Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson has been viewed 81 million times and continues to grow.

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