Following the first GOP presidential debate for the 2024 election in Milwaukee, Donald Trump Jr. was blocked from entering the Spin Room by Fox News security.

The Spin Room, traditionally a place where politicians, campaign staff and media gather after the debate to put their “spin” on the evening’s events, was off limits to Trump Jr.

The incident happened soon after the debate was over. As Trump Jr. attempted to enter the spin room, Fox News security personnel blocked his entry.

“They’re trying to ban people from actually having a conversation about politics,” Trump Jr. told reporters.

“Maybe that shouldn’t surprise any of us, but that’s the point. I’ve been told by others that I’ll be able to go in, then they said we can go in, then they said they can’t… They’re telling me now, Fox won’t let me in The Spin Room. They’re telling him – he works here for security – but they’re telling him I’m not allowed to go there because of the candidates they’ve been promoting as well as trying to bring down Trump for quite some time now. Trying to, what, for two years they didn’t perform as they expected. So they can’t have someone who might be my father’s representative,” he said.

“Like a few weeks ago, when I was canceled after the first indictment, I was supposed to move, and about five minutes before I was supposed to leave, I found out I’m no longer there because apparently I won’t be on my It’s a great choice to talk about the impeachment of the father. So that we understand what we’re doing here. So it shouldn’t surprise any of us, and that’s why Trump doesn’t want to be in this debate. 100% correct for. It’s down to that,” Trump Jr. said.

“You know you are running into a setup because of exactly these types of circumstances. You understand exactly what is going on in the mainstream media, even the conservative media. I like to bowl from one side, but I have to call balls and strikes. It’s no different than what we see from the Democrats.

“This is no different from what we are seeing from the Fulton County DA when they are trying to put a restraining order on Donald Trump so that he cannot defend himself in court proceedings and, more importantly, They can act as an intimidation tactic. Somebody else who will defend him.”


In an ex post, Trump Jr. wrote, “Fox News is trying to censor and silence Trump supporters to protect their chosen candidate. This is a big reason why his ratings are going down, while my dad’s interview with Tucker Carlson has already been viewed 93 million times!!!”

Gateway Pundit previously reported That Fox News has decided to ban surrogates for former President Donald Trump from the “Spin Room” after the first Republican primary debate.

in a memo Received On Tuesday, Fox News told Republican campaigns, by The Hill, that only surrogates for the candidates participating in the debate would be granted automatic credentials to the “spin room” after the debate. This means that Trump, as well as candidates who do not meet the criteria for being on stage, will not get automatic access to the media area.

Fox News throws tantrums – bans Trump surrogates from GOP debate spin room after Trump decides to skip debate

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