award-winning investigative journalist and just news Founder John Solomon responded to the brutal attacks by Ian Sams, the head of the White House scandal.

Ian Sams attacks John Solomon for exposing the Biden Crime Family.

bus news this week published new memos Which undermines the Biden-Ukraine narrative the Democrat-media complex sold during Trump’s 2019 impeachment.

A few weeks before Biden threatened to withhold funds from Ukraine, a federal task force of state, Treasury and DOJ officials agreed that Ukraine deserves a $1 billion US loan guarantee, according to a memo obtained by Just The News. Is.

However, Joe Biden used his power to coerce Ukraine and threatened to withhold loan guarantees if he did not fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor general investigating Burisma, Hunter Biden and others.

“This recommendation is one of several US government memos collected by Just The News over the past 36 months from Freedom of Information Act litigation, congressional inquiries and government agency sources that directly corroborate the long-standing story contends that Biden was conducting official US policy when he threatened to freeze a $1 billion US loan guarantee to force Ukraine to fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, the equivalent of the US attorney general. Just News reported.

Ian Sams attacks John Solomon for his investigative reporting and accuses him of furthering a lie.

John Solomon replied and challenged Ian Sams to a debate.

“Hey Ian, let’s have a debate. Bring your documents showing that Joe Biden’s family did not receive money from China, confirming that he did not engage in negotiations with Hunter’s partners, and proving that the laptop was Russian propaganda. John Solomon said, “I will bring you documents from the FBI, the State Department and the DOJ that show you and your boss are lying.”

John Solomon’s work is not done. He scolded Ian Sams and Biden once again.

John Solomon, referring to Biden’s brazen lie about his ‘arrest’ in South Africa, said, “If you can bring records of the President’s arrest during Mandela’s visit to South Africa, I would also appreciate it.”


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