In an era defined by digitization and shaped by the impact of the pandemic, the indispensability of technology has become evident globally. Edtech is at the forefront of tech leaders emerging as a savior. The rapid shift to online education, although initially challenging, has become increasingly popular among students, teachers, and parents. Edtech entrepreneurs riding this wave saw a global boom, revealing the emerging future of education. Yet, their journey has been marked by trials and tribulations, a journey they reflect on this Entrepreneurship Day.

To better understand the importance of edtech in the current scenario, India Today spoke with some industry experts.
Shaping the future of education amid uncertainty.

Shaping the future of education amid uncertainty

“Edtech entrepreneurs have been through a roller-coaster ride over the past few years. Covid-19 pushed back digitization of education by at least a decade – what would have happened in 2030 is happening in 2020. However, driven by compulsion and sudden After the closure of classes, edtech was seen as a savior sent by God. This led to unrealistic expectations, which again led to disappointment once the pandemic subsided,” Shantanu Rooj, Founder & CEO, TeamLeaseEdtech Said.

“Becoming an ed-tech entrepreneur is like going through a maze of challenges. You don’t have a lot of information on what exactly your product will be, how you will build a team and secure funds, and whether learners will like your product. Whether it is or not. But despite the constraints, ed-tech entrepreneurs have a chance to shape the future of education and make a mark in the world of innovation. Hence, it has been a tough but very exciting journey,” says Prateek Maheshwari, Co The founder said, Physics Valhalla.

Innovation and Adaptation in the EdTech Landscape

“Navigating the edtech landscape requires innovation in both education and technology. In this era of funding winter, our primary obstacle is profitable scaling of operations. To overcome this challenge, we must innovate to maximize results. We conserve cash while optimizing spends. The key is judicious spending, ensuring optimum results while striving to meet monthly goals,” said Nikhil Barshikar, Founder & CEO, Imarticus Learning.

The ever-evolving nature of edtech entrepreneurship

“The current EdTech landscape is challenging enough for entrepreneurs in itself. A key element of this challenge is the growing competition. Over the years, Ed-Tech has seen a significant increase in the number of players in the market, and due to the wide scope available Regardless, each percentage of market share comes at a heavy competitive cost,” said Anirudh Motwani, co-founder and CEO of CollegeSearch.

Building a pathway to the future of learning

Anant Bengani, Co-Founder, Zell Education, talks about his EdTech journey. Doubts were expressed on addressing the education gap with online tools. The bootstrapped path means resource crunch but also a commitment to quality.

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24 August 2023

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