President Joe Biden called it back state of the Union Address in February: Republicans who voted against the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will soon claim credit when the funding comes in. As he said then, “I promised that I would be the president for all Americans. We will finance these projects. And I’ll see you at the fundraiser.” He’s had reason to use that line more than once since then, taunting Republicans who have done exactly as he predicted — most recently, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


McCarthy’s from California, but he toured a Syracuse factory While in town to raise funds for Representative Brandon Williams.’s Glenn Coyne did a great job covering McCarthy’s visit, headlined – “House Speaker McCarthy visits Syracuse factory benefiting from law he voted against” – in an article that Relevant information such as the specific “Buy American” provision of the infrastructure law from which JMA Wireless is benefiting was included. The article additionally states that “McCarthy also opposed the Chips and Science Act, which micron technology This is necessary for its plan to invest up to $100 billion in a semiconductor plant in the city of Clay.

McCarthy weakly tried to explain his presence. “I don’t want the government to control and pick winners and losers,” he said. “I really like the private sector, which is exactly what the JMA is doing. It’s their $50 million investment that built something, and now the government can be a partner.” He nevertheless voted against legislation that would have created a way for the government to be a “partner” in promoting American manufacturing. , including the plant he was visiting.

McCarthy not alone in ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi case Referred to As in “vote no and take the flour.”

Sen Tommy Tuberville Recently announced investment in broadband technology in Alabama (a state he represents, even though he does not live there), without mentioning that he voted against the funding. Biden responded not only with a tweet but in live comments in Chicago, saying, “It’s no surprise that this is bringing some converts together… Well, there’s a guy named Tuberville — Senator from Alabama – Tuberville, who announced that he strongly opposed the legislation. Now he is applauding its passage.”

Sens. Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi and Tom Cotton and John Boozman of Arkansas played like this Federal money is coming to their states despite voting against the funding. And Senator John Cornyn visited a Texas Tesla factory after complaining about the Inflation Reduction Act offering “handouts for wealthy people looking to buy electric vehicles.” Tesla is expanding US manufacturing thanks to the IRA’s clean energy tax credit.

Trying to take credit for funding they voted against is the Republican way. This time, they are dealing with a President who has already told the nation what is about to happen and is announcing it through a series of events.

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