At this point, no one was surprised when another wave of bad headlines about Prince Andrew hit newsstands and the web.

So when it comes up ‘King Charles Worried that more information linking Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein will come to light’We guess it’s just another day in the old United Kingdom.

However, come to think of it, in light of the fact that no new revelations have come to light recently – although there is a TV series on Andrew’s scandal – one has to wonder if Buckingham palace’s spin doctor volunteered Why would you give this information to the press?

Is it because this new revelation has quashed any discussion about the Met Police’s decision not to further investigate or prosecute anyone in King’s guise over the recent ‘cash-for-honour’ scam?

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King Charles’ scandal-hit charity again escapes criminal investigation despite evidence of ‘cash-for-honors’ scheme

It is as if Charles III is using his brother’s poor reputation as a ‘shining object’ to draw attention away from his own shortcomings.

radar online informed of:

“In a sudden development more than a year after the Duke of York reached a more than $15 million settlement with sexual assault accuser Virginia Giuffre, royal sources have revealed that there is a ‘favourite’ for the new monarch than Andrew Prince. Long term problem. Harry and Meghan Markle.”

The reports have revealed a ‘royal source’ has revealed that King Charles expects more troubling revelations linking Andrew to Epstein.

“Andrew is more of a long-term problem than Harry and Meghan. […] It seems like more will come to light on Epstein and there are still unexploded bombs out there.

It comes as the King’s efforts to remove Andrew from the 30-room Royal Lodge where he lives have been postponed after the Duke of York. threatened to pen tell-all book About the royal family.

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Prince Andrew Wants to Release Memoir to Present His Version of Facts Related to Jeffrey Epstein Scandal — Problem? no one believes him

This new ‘reveal’ about the royal family’s dynamics is designed to show the king in a favorable light, including Prince Andrew and Epstein as well as Prince Harry and Meghan.

“‘They’ve done the right thing by rising above and furthering the work of the monarchy, providing a welcome and stark contrast to what happens on America’s West Coast.’ [where Harry and Megan live]’, said the royal source.

The insider continued, ‘It’s all very sad, but it also reflects what happens in many families, so it humanizes it.’ ‘It’s clear which side the public have come down on, and that’s reassuring to them.’

Andrew still counts on the support of his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters.

News1 informed of:

Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson suggested last month that he was grieving and ‘lonely’ following the deaths of his parents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Reflecting on the discussion she had with Andrew about grief on her Tea Talks podcast, Sarah said: ‘It was really touching and at one point the two of us, Andrew and I, were sitting quietly under some really beautiful trees And I asked him if he would be okay without his mom and dad. He said…’It’s lonely, you know’.

‘He thinks about it a lot… It’s kind of like people deal with grief in their own way, and it’s not just him… He’s human like everyone else.’

Pity is somewhat overshadowed by the fact that the exchange takes place on a public podcast and is immediately leaked to the press, but they proceed in a similar fashion.

Meanwhile Andrew tries to keep a low profile as the royal clan descend on the Scottish estate of Balmoral for the summer holidays.

sky News informed of:

“Several royal experts claim to Fox News Digital that the disgraced Duke of York has accepted an invitation from his brother, King Charles III, to live at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Royal expert Pelham Turner: “It will be interesting to see how many olive branches grow on the royal trees. … It is said that King Charles in briefs and boots does not wish for his life [Scottish knife] be put behind his family, but [instead prefers] A gentle walk through the heather to resolve issues harmoniously. The jury awaits.”

Royal expert Hilary Fordwich: “I don’t think the King has much patience for Andrew,” she claimed. ‘They’ve never necessarily been close. If Andrew’s behavior were not so destructive to the royal brand… Her Majesty would have enjoyed seeing her amiable younger brother publicly humiliated.

Meanwhile, the new king continues to be praised in the press, oblivious to recent allegations of corruption in his charity.

the daily beast informed of:

“A close friend of Charles told the newspaper: ‘He seems very content and happy, having mourned the death of his mother. He is calm. His destiny has come and he has accepted it.’

Given his active involvement in the world of politics before ascending the throne, Charles has decided to be a ‘steady-state’ monarch, not a hardliner as some had hoped.

A friend told the Sunday Times: ‘He seems really happy and comfortable with himself, which isn’t always the case.’ ‘There was an understandable caution regarding how the public would welcome him. will he enjoy the role; Will it hinder him from doing what he wants to do? Even though there have been times in his life when he wanted more media attention, he didn’t know how to cope when he got to enjoy it to the fullest – but the more he sees the public, the more he Seeing the public turn out to cheer him and the queen, he sees that he has the will to succeed. They are always encouraged, especially considering the prestigious challenges they have faced over the years.

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King Charles’ scandal-hit charity again escapes criminal investigation despite evidence of ‘cash-for-honors’ scheme

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