Indian expatriates celebrate at Times Square in New York City, after Chandrayaan-3’s historic soft landing on the Moon’s south polar region.

Members of the Indian diaspora were seen dancing to the beats of drums and reveling in unbridled joy as the country became the first country in the world to land on the south face of the uncharted moon.

A Canadian woman said in Times Square, “Congratulations to the people of India on the great achievement of landing on the moon. We are so thrilled today.”

“It is a matter of pride not only for India but for the whole world…” said Prem Bhandari, a prominent expatriate leader and volunteer with Jaipur Foot USA, Rajasthan Association of North America (RANA) and Rescuing Every Distressed Indian Overseas.

Taking India to an elite club of nations, the Chandrayaan-3 rover successfully soft-landed on the Moon’s south pole on Wednesday.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) posted on its official handle on X, formerly Twitter, “Chandrayaan-3 mission: ‘India, I have reached my destination and so have you!’ Chandrayaan-3 has successfully soft-landed on the Moon! Congratulations, India!”

After the successful landing, congratulatory messages started pouring in from all over the world for ISRO chief and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hailing the successful landing of the ‘Vikram’ lander on the Moon’s south pole, a spokesperson for UN General Assembly President Paulina Kubiak said, “This is something we shared this morning. I mean, the President congratulates India.” Obviously, it was inside the OPGA office. Several Indian colleagues were celebrating that achievement.”

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, said, “The successful lunar landing of India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft represents a significant leap forward for collective scientific progress. I thank Prime Minister @narendramodi and India Hearty congratulations to the people of Historic achievement in the service of mankind.”

European Union President, Ursula von der Leyen posted on X, “Congratulations to @narendramodi for the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3. A historic milestone and a proud moment for the Indian people. India a true pioneer in space exploration.” has become a pioneer. This is Indian success.” This will benefit researchers around the world.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also lauded ISRO’s achievement on Wednesday, saying, “India’s achievement opens new horizons for humanity. This mission is another proof of the power of science and it will enable us to promote scientific progress and research.” offers great opportunities for giving.” .Congratulations, @narendramodi!”

The ‘Vikram’ lander carrying the Pragyan rover in its belly landed on the lunar surface, marking a giant leap in India’s space travel and a fitting culmination of ISRO’s long years of toil.

India entered the record books as the first country to touch the southern side of the Earth’s only natural satellite.

Special screenings of Soft Landing were held across the country, including in schools, science centers and public institutions. ISRO made the live action available on the ISRO website, its YouTube channel, Facebook and public broadcaster DD National TV.

The spacecraft was launched on 14 July from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

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