BioSig AI Sciences leverages infrastructure and technology advancements in development of Generative AI Platform for Hospitals

WESTPORT, CT, August 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

BioSig Technologies, Inc.

(NASDAQ: BSGM) (the “Biosig” or the “Company”), a medical technology company providing unprecedented accuracy and precision in intracardiac signal visualization, today launched a partnership with external partners and collaborators to advance Biosig’s established technology team. Providing an update since. Research and development of an artificial intelligence (“AI”) medical device platform.

On July 20, 2023, we entered into Nvidia’s Inception partnership program with BioSig AI Sciences, Inc., a majority-owned subsidiary of the company (“BAIS”). Announced the inclusion of, which gives our team access to engineering and technology support. On July 23, 2023, BAIS closed its seed round of funding of $2.2 million. The funding valued the majority-owned subsidiary at $15 million.

Less than a month after BAIS’s initial funding closed, it is meeting several hospital customers at the highest levels of leadership. BAIS has identified several opportunities to bring our proprietary AI platform to market. In addition, BAIS recently signed a collaboration agreement with a leading global technology organization that will build critical data infrastructure, enabling scaling of the platform across high volume, data intensive hospital centers.

BioSig President and CEO Kenneth Londoner said, “In my 30+ year career in and around the technology market, I have never seen a more attractive growth opportunity than what I am seeing today. Leading hospitals are looking for enterprising and proactive emerging market participants to test and adopt AI based solutions. Given the growth in our relationships and commercial placement of PURE EP™ platform technology, combined with our external technology relationships and internal capabilities, we expect to demonstrate significant progress in 2023 and beyond.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the market for AI in healthcare, which is estimated at $9.6 billion in 2022, is expected to reach $272.9 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 51.9% during the forecast period.1

About BAIS

BAIS, a majority-owned subsidiary of BioSig, is developing AI solutions for the hospital market using structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

About BioSig Technologies

Biosig Technologies

is a medical technology company focused on understanding the body’s electrical signals, starting with the heart’s rhythm. By leveraging a first-of-its-kind combination of hardware and software, we deliver unprecedented cardiac signal clarity, eliminating reliance on ‘mixed signals’ and ‘reading between the lines’. Our platform technology is solving some of healthcare’s biggest challenges – saving time, saving costs and saving lives.

The company’s product, the PURE EP™ platform, is an FDA 510(k) cleared non-invasive Class II device, which provides superior, real-time signal visualization, enabling clinicians to perform highly targeted cardiac ablation with increased procedural efficiency and efficacy. processes are allowed.

According to an estimate, 14.4 million Americans suffer from cardiac arrhythmias, and the global EP market is projected to reach $16 billion in 2028, with a growth rate of 11.2%.


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1) Data Bridge Market Research. Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market – Industry Trends and Forecasts to 2030. January 2023.

2) Global Market Insights, Inc. (2022, March).

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