So what else is Putin’s publicist Tucker Carlson doing, besides pre-recording an interview with Donald Trump that ran on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday night’s Fox News Republican presidential primaries? As for counterprogramming to arguments.

in his x interview Carlson didn’t ask Trump any questions about Ukraine. But Trump went on a bizarre spree, from talking about how President Joe Biden can’t even lift a chair or walk through sand on the beach, to talking about the war in Ukraine.

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Trump said:

“I think he [Biden] Looks awesome on the beach. Also the beach doesn’t represent what a president should do. He should work. The president is supposed to be pulling us out of the horrible, horrible war we’re deeply embroiled in with Russia and Ukraine. You can do this very easily. I do not believe he can do this as he is absolutely incompetent.

“But this is a war that must end immediately, not because of one side or the other, but because hundreds of thousands of people are being killed. Can you imagine you are in an apartment house and rockets are going to go into that building and blow it up. …It has to be stopped and it can be stopped very easily. If I were president, this would never have started.

Over the weekend, the former Fox News host was in Hungary conducting more interviews with President Viktor for his X show orban and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Carlsen seems to be particularly enamored of authoritarian strongmen orban, Whom he also interviewed in 2021 when he Broadcast your Fox News show from Hungary,

Vucic and orbanboth right-wing nationalists have refused to impose sanctions against Moscow and Remain friendly with Russian President Vladimir Putin despite Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Of course, Trump has also been full of praise for Putin,

So here are Tucker’s upcoming attractions on X:

and this:

Particularly troubling are Carlsen’s comments in his tweet about his meeting with Vucic at the Serbian embassy in Budapest. “Serbia has the distinction of being one of the countries in the region that was bombed by NATO in 1999,” Karlsson said. “So I think he has an interesting perspective on what’s happening in Ukraine, on the NATO war against Russia, that’s worth listening to.”

in 1999, NATO airstrikes against the Serbian military position in the breakaway province of Kosovo, whose population is predominantly ethnic Albanian. The purpose of the NATO air campaign was to prevent the humanitarian catastrophe resulting from the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Kosovar Albanians.

After the interview, Carlson said that one of the points raised by Vucic is that “the war in Ukraine, the war against Russia led by NATO, has crushed the European economy.” Carlsen repeatedly mentions “NATO war against Russia” been a major part of the disinformation campaign Pressured by Putin’s propagandists to justify the war in Ukraine.

Carlsen then mentions the September 2022 sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, which Members of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine Suspicion of execution. But Carlson again repeated Russian propaganda blaming the pipeline attack “directly or indirectly” on the Biden administration, claiming its destruction was “killing the German economy … the biggest ever in Europe.” economy.” And he said it was “effectively one NATO country attacking another NATO country.”

Germany’s economy has been stuck somewhere between stagnation and recession this year, but recently mentor story There was no mention of any link to the loss of Nord Stream pipeline natural gas supplies. German Finance Minister Christian Lindner told the BBC Earlier this year, Germany has completely diversified its energy structure since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, and is no longer dependent on Russian energy.

But then Carlsen distanced himself with this comment:

“This war is hurting everyone, with perhaps the long-term exception of Russia, and empowering everyone outside Europe – the Gulf countries, China, Turkey. So you’re really seeing the world reset in response to this war.

It’s a bit more complicated than Hitler versus Churchill, good versus evil, democracy. It’s really about the United States and the massive shift of power from West to East.

Carlson’s comments were like music to Putin’s propagandists. Official Russian news outlet RT ran a story Quoted extensively from Joe Carlson’s preview of his interview with Vucic.

But former Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger, now a commentator for CNN, didn’t mince words in describing Carlson: “Tucker is a traitor to America.”

Carlsen’s efforts are worrying Incorporate your pro-Putin memes into the Republican presidential primary campaign, on annual The Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines has given Carlson a chance to demonstrate why he is the Kremlin’s favorite American pundit. Influential Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Platts chose Carlson to interview the six GOP presidential candidates who appeared on the event. Trump did not attend.

the new York Times wrote that Vander Platts found out “what happens when you hand over your Republican presidential showcase to Tucker Carlson”:

Jesus is out. This is Vladimir V. Putin.

Mr. Carlson was given the task of interviewing six Republican presidential candidates at the Family Leadership Conference in Des Moines on Friday. As a result, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine became a major point of debate the day Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds used the event to sign a nearly complete abortion ban into law.

At the hands of Mr. Carlson, the former Fox News host who was recently fired, Ukraine, not Russia, has become the bad actor in the conflict.

The most controversial debate on Ukraine occurred during Carlsen’s interview with Mike Pence. The former vice president criticized the Biden administration for being too slow to provide Ukraine with advanced weapons such as Abrams tanks and F-16 fighter jets. Carlson said,

“You are upset that the Ukrainians do not have enough American tanks? Every city in the United States has gotten much worse over the past three years. ,

“Drive around—there isn’t a city in the United States that’s done better and it’s visible. …our economy has plummeted, the suicide rate has skyrocketed, public filth and disorder and crime have skyrocketed and yet you worry that Ukrainians – a country most people can’t find on a map , who has received tens of billions of US tax dollars—are not tanks enough? I think it’s a fair question to ask, where is the concern for the United States in this?”

the new York Times Added to story: “Mr.” Carlson called Ukraine an American ‘client state’, accused Ukraine’s Jewish leader Volodymyr Zelensky of persecuting Christians and strongly hinted that Mr Pence had been duped, despite evidence to the contrary.

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