Excelta, a leading global coatings company, has partnered with Xar, a leading manufacturer of drop-on-demand inkjet technologies, to introduce Excelta NextJet™, the next generation of sustainable digital paint technology for the transportation industry.

Digital paint, also called overspray-free application, is an advanced paint application that will allow for precise paint placement. Through Axalta and Zaar’s patented technology, Axalta NextJet™ enables design flexibility for two-tone vehicles and allows customers to create patterns, details and images in a sustainable manner. Award winning digital paint coating technology Also eliminates masking and reduces labor, energy and waste while increasing productivity and efficiency rates. It can contribute to a 30% reduction in CO2 Emissions and significant cost savings for two-tone automakers.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Xaar and bring Axalta NextJet™ to market,” he said. Hadi Awada, Senior Vice President, Mobility for Axalta, “Our latest innovation is powered by Xaar’s leading inkjet technology and paired with our proprietary paint designed for jetting. This unique market offering builds on Axalta’s investments in digital paint research and development.

Graham Tweedall, Chief Operating Officer of Xar, continued, “Exalta quickly recognized the unique advantages of Zaar’s technology for their innovation, which harnesses our printhead’s ability to handle viscous liquids far beyond what has traditionally been possible with inkjets . Together, we not only deliver the productivity we need, but we also significantly improve it.”

Axalta NextJet™ is believed to be the first partnership between an inkjet printhead manufacturer and a coatings manufacturer. The combined technology solution is being tested with customers and may go into production as early as 2024.

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