As Delhi prepares to host the G20 summit in Delhi, the Municipal Corporation plans to identify all ‘garbage sensitive points’ and clear them in a timely manner.

Delhi Mayor Shelli Oberoi said in a press conference on Thursday that all zonal deputy commissioners (DCs) have been directed to take action in this regard.

The move also comes amid the ongoing campaign of ‘Ab Dilli Hogi Saaf’, a city-wide cleanliness drive launched by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi on August 12.

“Garbage-sensitive points are open places where garbage is regularly dumped. The idea is to identify such points, clean them and put flower pots there so that people don’t litter there again,” Oberoi said. Insert.”

According to a circular issued by the Municipal Commissioner on Thursday, the Municipal Commissioner directed the Zonal DCs to delineate GVPs (Garbage Vulnerable Points) in their respective areas and remove them within two weeks.

Delhi’s Deputy Mayor Ale Muhammad Iqbal and Leader of the House in MCD Mukesh Goyal said the national capital can be cleaned if city residents, civic employees and public representatives work together. Oberoi said that all zonal DCs have been instructed to “resolve expeditiously” complaints related to disposal of municipal solid waste and other types of waste lodged through the MCD 311 mobile app, the mayor said.

In another circular issued on Thursday, complaints lodged through the MCD 311 app are being monitored by various agencies like the Air Quality Management Commission and the Environment Department of the Delhi government, apart from the MCD.

The circular states that all zonal DCs will monitor complaints lodged through the MCD 311 app on a “day-to-day basis” and ensure disposal of such complaints within the shortest possible time and in any case not more than 24 hours. do.

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