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The Biden administration is preparing to reinstate full COVID-19 lockdowns, starting with a masking mandate for TSA and airport workers reportedly in mid-September. infowars Report first.

A high-level TSA official contacted InfoWars and provided details of Tuesday’s meeting, where TSA managers were briefed on new memos and policies that will re-enforce mask-wearing.

These policies will reinstate the mask requirement for TSA and airport employees through mid-September.

More details on how the policy will move forward will be provided next week, according to the TSA official.

The official said that by mid-October, it will be mandatory for pilots, flight staff, passengers and all airport patrons to wear masks.

Following the TSA officer’s disclosure, InfoWars reached out to a reliable Border Patrol source who also held a managerial position.

This source confirmed the instructions, confirming that similar measures were being planned for Border Patrol personnel.

He was told it was not a matter of “if” but “when” official Covid numbers would rise back and that he expected a return by mid-October to the forced-masking policies that the Biden administration had previously implemented only for large Reluctantly terminated after pressure,” infowars informed of.

The news outlet further added, “Both whistleblowers were told that this rollout would be in line with the new COVID “variant” hysteria that MSM has been reporting about this week.”

Gateway Pundit previously reported Health experts are now sounding the alarm on the new COVID variant.

World Health Organization classified The EG.5 coronavirus strain is circulating in the United States and China as a “variant of interest”, but it was emphasized that it does not pose a greater threat to public health than other variants. Despite the WHO’s message, some health experts are sounding the alarm.

The WHO made a formal announcement on Thursday, classifying the BA.2.86 variant – a highly mutated variant – as a “variant under surveillance”.

This designation represents the lowest of three levels of alert set by the global health body.

Meanwhile, the so-called “high flying” variants EG.5, XBB.1.5, and XBB.1.6 have been elevated to “variant of interest” status, indicating a high level of concern.

Among all current variants, only Omicron retains the classification of “variant of concern”, the WHO’s most urgent level of alert. According to Fortune.

The media is now insisting on another lockdown. Another porn scare from so-called health experts and the media, just in time for the next election. Same old playbook.


Dr. Naomi Wolf discusses this new version being promoted by the media.

“What’s scary about this suddenly ubiquitous story is that there’s a new version in town… If you read them carefully, there was one we tore apart in our local Salem, Massachusetts newspaper, which originally admitted that there is in fact no spike nor did it happen. Come up with some real number. There are two new cases per 100,000, he said, and he referenced a community that has only 22,000 residents. So they are imaginary numbers.

“You cannot verify any of these claims that there is a new version in town that is different from the old version. You just have to listen to them,’ said Wolf.

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