“Chesebro & Jones” may sound like the name of a bad ’70s sitcom, but there’s nothing funny about this latest evidence that whatever happened on Jan. 6 — the recently convicted Proud Boys From the violence to the bogus voters in Georgia – tha are all part of a larger scheme.

As CNN An analysis of video showing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones leading his followers to the Capitol has revealed an interesting face beneath the red Trump hat stuck next to Jones, according to reports. That face is Kenneth Chesebrough, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, who is currently charged as a co-conspirator in both. federal conspiracy case assigned by a jury in Washington, D.C., and rico allegation From a Grand Jury in Fulton County, Georgia.

This makes Chesebro the first member of Trump’s direct staff to be present at the Capitol on January 6. However, this certainly isn’t the first relationship between Trump and Jones—or Jones’s collection of white supremacist followers.

Jones is known for his vicious attempts to demean and discredit the families of slain children. Sandy Hook Elementary, But he has ties to the right wing tucker carlson To roger stone (to whom Jones sent nude pictures of his wife). Jones was issued summons Events surrounding the 6 January uprising are being investigated by a House Select Committee, including his involvement in organizing one of the rallies that day, as well as statements made at another rally on 5 January.

Jones was one of the first to lead rallies spreading unsupported claims of electoral fraud. Jones not only spread the same lies that appear in Trump’s indictments, but his appearances were filled with violent rhetoric, such as this Arizona rally where he made threats to Trump supporters who tried to keep the election. “They will pay. They will perish,” says Jones, as he invokes the “1776 Solution.”

At the 5th January rally, Jones told Trump supporters“We have just begun our fight against their tyranny,” and stressed, “they have tried to steal this election in front of everyone.”

Jones said, “I don’t know how this is all going to end, but if they want to fight, they better believe they have a fight.”

On January 6, Jones did not speak at the Ellipse rally, where Trump attended, but he was involved in both the planning and funding of the rally. He was present at the rally along with “Stop the Steal” leader Ali Alexanderwhich was directly related Groups of white supremacist “groepers” and who reached out to the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to “provide security” for the rally.

campaign action

In his testimony before the Select Committee, Jones was asked about his relationship with Alexander and his involvement in planning the rally, but declined to answer after exercising his Fifth Amendment rights.about 100 times, He was apparently not asked about Chesebrough, who had not previously been identified as accompanying Jones to the Capitol.

According to CNN, images and video show that Chesebrough was with Jones for “about an hour”. As Jones walked around and addressed the crowd, Chesbrough “watched Jones recording”.

During that march, Jones returned to his revolutionary rhetoric, shouting through a bullhorn“We declare 1776 against the New World Order… We need to understand that we are under attack, and we need to understand that this is the war of the 21st century and must go on a war footing.. .”

However, as the crowd climbs the steps of the Capitol, Jones urges those around him to “remain in peace”. Then he starts walking around the building, insisting, “I’m going to march to the other side, where we have a stage, where we can talk and be in peace. Trump is about to speak here. Trump is coming.”

A few months ago, the House Select Committee Chesebro Interviewed and asked him about his whereabouts on 6 January. As he did several times that day, the Trump attorney said, “I feel I have to invoke my Fifth Amendment rights.”

CNN’s search reveals that Chesebro is following Jones in a restricted area. Chesebrough does not appear to have entered the Capitol himself, but he remains close to it as Jones disturbs the crowd and encourages people to follow him to the east side of the building.

The idea that Trump would join him in speaking to the crowd at the Capitol matches testimony from a former White House aide cassidy hutchinson, who testified that Trump told his Secret Service driver, “‘I’m the president, take me to the Capitol now! ‘” A fight broke out after the driver refused.

Even though Trump didn’t do it, it turns out that at least one of his convicted co-conspirators did.

As the select committee transcript shows, Chesbrough did not enter Trump’s orbit until shortly after the election, when he began offering advice about creating slates of false voters to confuse the process. Working with Trump attorneys Jim Troupis and then John Eastman, Chesebrough drafted a series of memos Plans were detailed to persuade Mike Pence to “announce his decision to recuse himself from presiding over a joint session of Congress” and to allow Republicans in Congress to choose the winner of the election. Chesebro also came up with an alternate plan to refer the whole thing to a Supreme Court full of Republicans. He even had backup in the form of a plan where Pence offered to be president himself rather than allow President Joe Biden to take over.

In another memo Exposed by The New York Times, Chesebrough gave full details of the January 6 plan and explained the importance of bringing in false voters so that they could be used as a ruse to stall proceedings and hand control to Pence.

All of this shows that one of the main architects of the January 6 plan was on the grounds at the Capitol on January 6, in the company of one of the people most responsible for stoking the anger of Trump supporters and arranging the post-election rallies. . And they were both in the midst of violence and chaos.

Chesebrough had not previously admitted to having been there. Jones did not admit to being with Chesebro.

More than two and a half years after the event, important discoveries about January 6th are still being made — and none of them bode well for Donald Trump.

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