Massillon, Ohio – As technology evolves, so do football teams, and Washington High School in Massillon is using the technology to quickly change tactics during games.

What you need to know

  • Massillon soccer utilizes the latest technology during practice and games.
  • Technology lets them analyze plays faster.
  • The team uses multiple cameras, tablets and headsets.

Massillon director of football operations Randy Burkley has four cameras that he uses to film practices and games.

“Two in the press box, one in the end zone and an extra one,” Barkley said.

And it takes seconds for footage to be uploaded to the tablet during a game, allowing coaches to make quick adjustments.

“We might have a scouting where this guy is more under center,” Berkeley said. “Well, during the game, well, he’s shadowed more at guard, so they’ll adjust their blocking actions.”

He said that such equipment is not in the budget. Berkeley said the school received funding for this from an undisclosed donor.

“The tower and camera and accessories cost the unit alone about $6,000,” Berkeley said.

Massillon can also give players film to watch on their phones at home. Offensive line coach John Mazur said he would also add notes on what the player could improve on in the game.

“It’s very valuable because you can’t watch a movie with the kids every day, especially in season,” Mazur said. “They work from home.”

Berkeley sets up most of the gear himself. A headset is also necessary with the camera. The staff lock themselves in a room at the top of the stadium and analyze what they see on the field. They have a better vantage point of action than the trainers on the field.

“Offensive coaches will look at it between series,” Berkeley said. “And they would take all that down at halftime and take the iPads into the locker room and check stuff out. ‘Well, it worked, it didn’t work.’

Instead of only doing half prep, they can make adjustments based on what they capture on camera between quarters.

“For the quarterback, well, we call it the pass play,” Burke said. “This corner did it, so next time we run it, watch him do it and make your adjustments to where you’re throwing the ball.”

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