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A man got 140 hours of community service for attempting to rape a woman.

Something strange happened in Sweden. In fact, what I’m about to tell you is so insane that you might find it hard to believe it’s true.

Unfortunately, the following story is true. Brace yourself. You might think Sweden is crazy, but just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it did.

Make sure to read the full article because what happens to the criminal in this story will shock you. Of course it is not being reported in the mainstream media.

As you may have read my reporting, you will know that Sweden has a rape crisis. loud commotion 52 098 reported rapes in the last 6 years. We have the highest rape rate in the whole world.

In 2013, a Swedish woman was near a museum in the city of Uddevalla when she was attacked.

Two men were standing over him. One of the men pulled down her trunks to rape her. As the assailant was about to pull down her underwear, a Norwegian man heard her shouting “No, no, no”.

The Norwegian man went to investigate and found he was being attacked. As he came closer, the assailants fled leaving him alone.

Police found DNA samples of the attackers, but have never been able to catch them – until now, 10 years later.

There was a 27-year-old youth from Afghanistan stopped in a traffic stop when police realized his DNA matched that of the man who tried to rape the woman.

The prosecutor charged the man on 21 June this year, although the man had left the country by then. Police launched an intense manhunt to find the man and bring him back to Sweden. And they were successful!

An international arrest warrant was sent out and he was brought back to stand trial in Sweden.

This Monday a 27-year-old man was sentenced for attempted rape.

Now, can you guess what kind of punishment that person got? Maybe several years in prison? No…

Yes, you read that correctly. Not even jail!

Uddevalla’s court says that the reason for such a short sentence is that the man claimed that he was only 17 years old at the time of the crime, and that it happened 10 years ago.

The person is from Afghanistan and does not have Swedish citizenship. He doesn’t even have a job.

Guess what? The court also decided that he would be allowed to stay in Sweden. The prosecutor wanted him to be deported, but the court denied that request. He will be allowed to live in Sweden after completing 140 hours of community service and is a free person.

The court says that he came to Sweden alone as a child refugee, so he is allowed to stay.

“The offense in the opinion of the court is not such that there is now any reason for deporting [the man]The court’s decision said.

To make matters worse, the woman who was attacked had been raped by another man a few years earlier. In that case, the rapist was deported.

So here we have a man who came to Sweden as an “lonely child refugee”. He attempted to rape a woman, and when he was eventually caught by the police, the court let him off after only a few hours of community service. He didn’t even get jail time!

And he has been allowed to stay in Sweden forever.

No wonder Sweden has a rape crisis when rapists are treated the same way in Sweden.

I wrote a comprehensive, in-depth article on The Truth About the Swedish Rape Crisis. Mainstream media always try to portray Sweden as a “liberal utopia”. So the fact that Sweden has one of the highest rape rates in the world contradicts their story, which is why they don’t talk about it.

But I will talk about it because people need to know the truth.

If you haven’t already read it, please be sure to read my in-depth article on The Truth About the Swedish Rape Crisis. You will not find this information anywhere else!

The Truth About the Swedish Rape Crisis.

The Truth About the Swedish Rape Crisis.

Something terrible is happening in Sweden, and for some strange reason it seems most of the media is refusing to talk about it. Before the Covid pandemic, I used to do a lot of reporting on rising crime in Sweden. I have been warning about the rape crisis in Sweden for years and have been consistently ignored. Worse still, people on the left attack me for it, or try to make up some kind of excuse to try to explain the issue.
Read full story.

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